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You don't know [__blank__], I do. You're being glib, Matt.

(I know he's crazy, but I still love Tom Cruise. It's inexplicable. Actually, no... that explains it. *G*)

I got an OUTSTANDING comment (that was promptly deleted because that person is a chicken, evidently. Note to anyone reading this: stand by your words. Or get new words.) that explained that they were an expert on all things Mormon by virtue of living in Utah (you see how they're not actually LDS, yes?) and that got me to laughing thinking of a convo I had with marenfic a while ago about people who become experts on [_insert subject here_] by virtue of knowing someone that has said experience. (my icon is from said convo, incidentally. I don't ACTUALLY think I'm Nabakov. I'm Proust. Ahahaha. Ahem.)

Anyhoodle.... that led to a list of all of the qualifications we didn't know we had! Think of how much better your resume could be! She's Juan Valdez because she drinks coffee, and I've read "A Brief History In Time" so clearly I should be designing nuclear power plants, because they're both complex. Or that means I should be a professor at Cambridge. Or working at CERN.

Also, I've eaten Russian delicacies before, so I should be sent to the front lines to mediate with Putin. I laughed at the "I was Rasputin's lover!" episode on Angel, so that furthers my Russian training, because I know who that is. Come on, Gov'ment. I'm ready to serve.

I've touched Bono's hand, so I am the Son of God. Or the cure for AIDS. Or I can sing emphatically, I'm still working on that one. (He's an enigma, what can I say?)

Let's see... I've hiked to the top of a few 11,000+ ft mountains, so I'm going to lead expeditions up Everest, PLUS I've read Krakauer's books on his expeditions, so really, it's like I have a Ph.D in Upward Mobility.

And just three days ago I had fajita nachos. Hola. I am the new ambassador to every Spanish-speaking country in the world. I bring to them the beauty of our culture and the desire for pico de gallo.

So what are YOUR qualifications that you didn't know you had? (OH, CRAP! I forgot: my father in law worked at NASA for the past 35+ years, so CLEARLY I'm an astronaut.) Please tell me in comments of your majesty!!

I've been meaning to post a bunch of recs, so I'll do that now before I forget again. Multi-fandom, including one that might surprise you sparkle related!

Twilight-RPF shut it. It's CEDRIC.
The author of "Growing Up Cullen" wrote a smoking hot PWP about the actors Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. balcarin's It's Just a Chemical Reaction. My notes on it read: 'um... guh.' The way she writes his voice makes me squirmy in a good way. Yow. Proper British boys talking dirty? Yes, please. there is a phrase she uses twice that bugs me, but it was written quickly, and it's a tiiiiny quibble. Don't let that stop you from reading it.

The Breakfast Club
The Princess and the Basket Case from an old Yuletide Treasure year, written by Yahtzee. It's Allison/Claire (kiss) during the scene where Claire puts makeup on Allison. Funny and very sweet.

Blades of Glory John Heder's character, Jimmy
Five Very Important Life Lessons, also from Yuletide's past. Very very funny and surprisingly poignant. "Thank god for snowbanks - mother nature's airbag, that's what the nuns at the orphanage had always called them." Hahaha.

Chronicles of Narnia
Lucy and the Looking Glass again, from an older Yuletide year. Lucy/Prince Caspian. Beautiful, beautiful language, and a surprisingly affective story within a story.

30 Rock
Jury Duty, gen. Oh man. SO. DAMN. FUNNY. I cannot stress how much I loved this, how funny and true-voice'd I found it. "There's always time for pants. You make time." HAHAHA. If you read only one, pick this one.

Bible (not like that)
Three Tales of Documents found in Ancient Persia, linked from the Purim gift exchange. Very tongue in cheek (and clever) dialogue-driven short story about how the bible was probably written. No, it's funny. it's just... hard to summarize. If you enjoy history and how that changes through the filter of time, you'll like this. “I don’t know what high mules you’ve been riding, but we’re not historians, we’re just two guys who had their balls cut off, and now we’re assigned to write in King’s diary every day. Oh, and also, the fucking guy’s Jewish." Ha ha ha ha. I loved this.

Jossverse - Lynnevitational Recs I still have a few more to read, I'm very behind, but these were the ones that I've really enjoyed.

Five Time the World Makes Sense To Angel (not),landrews, who was a new writer for me. It did take me a bit to find the flavor of this, but once I did, I very much enjoyed it. Very moody, great Angel characterization, heartbreaking in places, and wonderfully so.

Through a Glass Darkly, a2zmom Set in S2, and while it's a WiP, this alone is satisfying. Buffy and Cordelia shine in this one and are FUNNY.

Testament, by beer_good_foamy This is an utterly fantastic Faith story, post NFA. It's sad, but then, it's post-NFA so what do you expect? Wonderful - he writes Faith marvelously.

...I feel like there should be more. I need to go back to my page and check my tags. Here's a jumping off point, though. And hey, while I'm reccing, I may as well rec myself (again) but dammit, it's a great story and it's not going to rec itself. Except for how it is right now.

And It Came To Pass, MormonsExposed Calender fic. <-- that's a new made up fandom for those that blanch when you see "orginal fiction." Hahaha. The story of Elder Austin Young going on his mission and falling in love with his missionary companion. Religious overtones, coming out of the closet, and first time tropes all here. All chapters are linked, because that bugs me when they're not in a fic. I'm just really proud of this story, that's why I keep harping on about it. :)

In conclusion: FRIDAY!!!! I have a bottle of wine, crusty bread, good fruits and cheese in my future this evening with the Mr. when he finally gets back from his trip. Life's mighty fine.
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