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Music for Friday

I've been rocking out to the Sixteen Candles soundtrack, but because it bugged me that so many of the songs that were in the movie weren't on the soundtrack (Young Guns by Wham! for example) I've found most of them and have them here to share. I've got a request list at the bottom, if anyone could help out with a few rare tracks...

For the songs not on the official soundtrack, I've added helpful "here's where that was" notes. :)

1. Farmer John by The Premiers When the geeks stand outside Jake's house rocking out (Cliff rolling his hands, Jon playing a bass) this is the song. I love "Close your barn door, Cliff" and "Be nice to his parents." Ahahaha.)
2. hang up the phone - Annie Golden When Long Duk Dong opens the door and Ted tells the geeks "He's from out of town." :)
3. Love of the Common People - Paul Young (oh, how I loved him back in the day.) While Sam is getting dressed while talking to Randy on the phone, does the lip pout with wet hair?
4. Young Guns - Wham! this isn't on the TV version, which bugs me. Ted rolling large in the Rolls Royce. "Ho ho, don't hit anybody." FIVE GRAND! Do you have five grand? I don't have five grand!
5. When it Started to Begin - Nick Heyward/Haircut 100 "Geek? Can I be honest with you?" Only if you don't hurt me! "haha. GET OUT OF HERE."
6. True - Spandau Ballet Jake and Caroline are dancing, and Randy gives that small "bye bye" wave to Sam
7. Little Bitch - The Specials Put your fists to your armpits, rock your shoulders back and forth, move down, then back. :D
God I love this movie, wrong as it is in places.

8. Wild Sex in the working class - Oingo Boingo VERY HOT! VERY HOT! This night is happening. Am I blowing your mind? *blows in your ear*
9. Lenny - Stevie Ray Vaughn I've never bagged a babe. Fresh breath is a high priority in my life! (The auto shop scene) Side note, these two hated each other before filming, John Hughes took them music shopping, they realized how much they had in common, and they dated IN REAL LIFE during this and Breakfast Club. Srsly.
10. Young Americans - David Bowie "Dong?" *clap clap* "DONG?!" *clap clap* "Dong, Grandpa's talking to you!" "Hell, he ain't dead, he's three sheets to the wind!" "Oh, shut up, Fred. DONG! Where is my au-to-mo-bile?" "Automobile? HAHAHAHA Errrrrrr! CRSH! Wreck. Big wreck." Hahaha - I've seen this once or twice...
11. Rev-Up! The Revillos When Bandy BoLegs in the black mini with white buttons on her butt walks into the party. Not the best recording, but I can't find a better one.
12. Love Theme from The Godfather I know. We're all upset that Jenny's marrying a bohunk. "And this one bettah remembah he's not in the girl of the month club! *snort*" "Wolf it!" [mom takes shot] "Whoo!"
13. Wagner's Wedding March I like your hat... *slaps at cheries on a lady's hat* WE DON'T WANT EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT SHE GOT HER PERIOD! *Grandpa Fred chuckles*
14. Today I Met The Boy I'm Gonna Marry - Darlene Love "Sam, I really don't have time for this." *lemons her elbows* Well, I always listen to you talk about boys! "Sam, is something bothering you?"
15. Snowballed - AC/DC only briefly, I'm pretty sure this is when Jake shakes his head after Sam leaves the coat check, and you see a jock with a girl over his shoulder as everyone heads off to the Ryan house to destroy it

The rest are on the official soundtrack, but I'd be happy to talk about those, too. *G*

Things I'm looking for: Not anymore! Check out the awesome undersea's comment below, as she lovingly uploaded them. \o/
  • "Growing Pains" by Tim Finn (of Split Enz and Crowded House - let's hear it for the Kiwis!) When Sam's in the hallway at the dance, crying (and she looks so pretty - watch how graceful she is when she stands up in her pretty white pumps and iconic peach dress....) and Caroline walks by and asks her how it's going. "Fine!" *sneaky tear wipe*

  • "Ring Me Up" The Divinyls - When everyone's getting their coats, Sam walks up to Jake, he turns, she stares, and leaves.

  • "Rumors in the Air" by Night Ranger

  • the kazoo song from the bus!

Here they are on box plus a widget to listen now:

And here they are zipped up on sendspace, 84mb. :)

Why the hell don't I own this movie? I need to fix that today.

Have a great weekend!
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