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The current economic meltdown in layman's terms, plus loads of music

I figured we'd need the distraction after the first portion of this post. Also, I promised turnonmyheels my workout mix, and it's taken me forever to get it organized and uploaded. (Sorry!)

"Joe Sixpack's" Guide to The Economic Crisis

Did y'all watch 60 Minutes last night? I know it's geared for the AARP set, but it's mostly just Andy Rooney that sucks (and who I won't mourn when he finally kicks it.) Anyway, they did a better job of explaining the real situation behind the scenes, and unfortunately, I'm intimately familiar with those types of business practices. It doesn't WORK LIKE THAT, you guys.Collapse )

What a f*cking mess. If there's any advice I can give you: spend CASH ONLY. And build up a year's supply of things you need, no lie. At least have in your savings (or get to where you have it) two month's expenses. That means food costs, bills, mortgage/rent check, car payments, and incidentals. If that means no vacation, there you go. If that means no going out on weekends, or you cut back on clothes and restaurants and smokes and liquor and Starbucks, that's what you need to do. Putting things on the card is no longer a viable option. GET OUT OF THAT HABIT. If only because the days of low percentage rates are OVER. [ETA] swmbo linked me to an even SIMPLER explanation of our mess. It's a thing of beauty and stick figures.

In other words: I'm buckling down for the zombie 'pocalypse. The time is nigh. ;) (Ugh, and this is now too long for music, which means I'm going to spam your flists later today with a music post, but that'll all be behind a cut so you can scroll. *g*)
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