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Miles walked: 12.5
Time completed: 2 hours 5 minutes (hell yeah! 10mph!)
Number of Springer Spaniel pups I passed: 3 (eeeeee! Fluffy spotted babies!)
Near misses with cars due to cell phones: 1 (seriously. Get off your freaking phone. you're not that interesting and neither are your friends. Pay attention, dummy.)
Number of butts needing massages: 1

Quick commentary on the state of man: why is it that people don't want to be seen singing along to their ever-present iPods, but have no problem shouting while wearing a Bluetooth headset? I haaaaaaate those things. Hi, Android! Also: can we get technology to advance enough where people don't have to SHOUT into their cell phones? Because I don't want to hear your conversation. Things I wouldn't mind hearing? Random people singing songs. That I'd like.

True Blood

Okay, I think I figured out what Alan Ball thinks he's doing. (I mentioned this to HarmonyFB yesterday) So all the sex is over the top, yes? Gratuitous and really really present? And it's always ABOUT vampires, not necessarily WITH vampires? See: Jason Stackhouse and every lady on screen. And then it's CRAZY with the sex when he's on V?

But Bill, we don't see Bill boning. I think Alan Ball is trying to say sexy vamps are cliched, and what we should be focusing on is them living for years and years. The poignant moment of the episode was Bill getting teary over his family from the Civil War, and then growing old and dying while he had to leave them and go off with Lorena (the vamp that changed him.)

Here's the problem with that: a) Highlander already exists and did it better than this show, the growing older than those you love bit, and b) VAMPIRES ARE SEX. That's what they ARE, dipshit. *head desk*

I'm still watching, but now it's because of the hot mess factor. Also, I want to see what Eric looks like up close. He's hot in the books. :D

Still love the lead, how natural and funny he is. Captain Awesome is still chuckleworthy and my beloved Adam Baldwin never fails to please me. I do wish they wouldn't push the "will they won't they" romantic angle, because BEEN THERE. DONE THAT. Be clever, writers. Don't make romance the center, because that's boring. I still love the show, I just don't want every episode to be "they love each other! Oh, but they can't be together, so they'll pretend they don't care, but they do!!" *yawn*

Project Runway

Are you fucking kidding me with Kenly? Who wanted to smack her upside the head? Wait, wait, who wanted to see HEIDI smack her upside the head? Because that would be me. Kuto is still wonderful, imo, but I'm pretty well pleased with all three of the winners. (Kenly doesn't count in my book. Her dress looked like the alien in "Mars Attacks!" that has the awesome walk. Hee. I love that movie.

I digress. I don't think Miss Bettie Page wanna be deserves to go to Bryant Park, personally.

Happy birthday to a2zmom! I hope you get a chance to take a deep breath and relax for a bit, if nothing else.

I go to stretch out and see if I can't get my giant cat to make biscuits on my butt. Heeee.
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