Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone

I have to come clean.

I am OBSESSESD with The Surreal Life. It's the only one I watch. Who is the mad genius that throught his train wreck together? Tammy Faye and her sad little 8 hairs dyed and teased to within an inch of their life. Anyone remember her talk show with that... um, starts with a J? Gay guy? Fabulous?

And I just KNOW that Robbie Van Winnkle (you may know him as Vanilla Ice) cries softly into his hands, rocking and moaning with the surety of his fradulent little self when no one is looking. True story: I used to go dance at a club he used to "practice his moves" at in the late 80s. Cavaricci heaven, bay-bee! High top fade, indeed. Word.

Anything that has Erik Estrada as the voice of reason... I remember my Ponch a little too well, thank you. Never on that seat. Just flew off it every time!

And once again, no night of ironing. Only you, my leetle LJ. ::smack::
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