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I think it's important to note that first off, I'm a little drunk. by which I mean a lot, because let's face it, I'm over 40% liver, which means I can drink anyone (except for Kiwis, possibly Australians) under the table, despite what hateful New Zealanders might say about me and throwing up in public. What you need to remember there is that New Zealanders have an agenda, and it's bad for me. So, clearly, they can't be trusted. (Except when they give you DVDs with hot guys that are funny, I like that about them.)

I also like cabernet sauvignon. I have no idea if I spelled that correctly and really don't care. It's good, the stuff I'm drinking. McManis? Yum.

It would be super if my husband wasn't working (as usual) because kissing sounds really good right now. Do you ever get that feeling? Not sex, just making out. Like you were 17. It isn't helping that I found pics of my prom and the cute boy that took me and how awesome young kissing is.

In conclusion, I need some food to go with this wine. What the hell is up with this impulse to communicate with you all when I drink? Good lord, i'm going to regret this, aren't I? At least I think I spelled things properly.

Also, there are a lot of you that I miss posting on a regular basis and I wish life wasn't busy for you, because I like the chatter. But I get that life is > internet, because that's sad otherwise.

Huh. I should, uh, log off, after that, huh? eta I just got a notice that there's a feature film about Cthulhu being made and they need a person that fits my profile! DUDE. I would love to be in a movie about the Spaghetti monster!! *woe*
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