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And now for something completely different.

I had the Mr. walk Miss Emily to school today so I could get an early start on my 15 miles. I am so freaking tired, I can barley walk to the fridge for water. But it's worth it!! (Oh, side note. I realized I made a MAJOR mathematical error, and I apologize. I walk a 10 minute mile, not 10 mph, which is insane. I walk 6 mph. Although today I walked a 9 minute mile. For 15 miles. I thank you.)

Everybody knows what the pink ribbon is. Everyone knows what the Race for the Cure is (and the shop for the cure, burp for the cure, on and on. I am not doing those. I'm doing the 3-Day. How is it different?
  • this isn't a mile or five mile stroll/jog (not to put those down. this just isn't the same thing.)

  • this is 60 miles in one weekend. (last time I did all 60 in roughly 18.5 hours. *coughs on nails, polishes on shirt*)

  • this is an organization that gives 100% of the donations received directly to women in need

  • this pays for their medical costs

  • their treatments

  • their surgeries

  • this even can cover the cost of groceries and childcare for certain women who need extra assistance to be treated for breast cancer

  • everyone involved (me, the volunteers, etc) pays for all of their own expenses

  • and if I don't raise my goal of $2200, I pay the difference. That's how dedicated I am to this cause

Last time I participated, I had no idea what to expect from this event. I rushed ahead of the pack of 2600+ walkers so I could stretch my legs and enjoy the weather. And the first group of people standing along the roadside cheering us on had a young father with his little son (about 3ish) and they had shirts with his deceased wife's picture on it. He thanked EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US that day, telling us that we were doing this so his son's wife wouldn't suffer the same tragedy that his had.

The next group of people were four women, bald and beautiful, and under chemo. They rattled cowbells and blew whistles and threw candies at us, and thanked us for helping them.

It's personal for me. I know this is personal for a lot of you, too.

I have three favors to ask.

1. Please, Please consider making a donation to my team, so we can all help these women. Even if it's one dollar, it's one dollar more than they had. If you would rather send cash or a check, please email me at stoney.onlj[at] for information on how to do so. every dollar counts and means so much!

2. If you have a loved one that didn't win their fight against breast cancer and you would like for me to carry their name with me to the Winner's Circle, it would be my honor. Leave a comment with their name, and you'll know they are surrounded with people who want to help others win this fight.

3. REGULARLY CHECK YOUR BREASTS. Make it fun! Get someone else to do it for you. ;) Early detection is the key. Last time in 2006, I had a someone on my flist that heeded the advice, found a lump, and immediately had surgery. I'm talking within 2 weeks of me mentioning this. She made it through with flying colors, but that's because SHE FOUND SOMETHING and CHECKED IT OUT. Don't think that being 20 protects you. In 2006 there was a grandpa that did all 12 3-day walks in memory of his 21 year old grand daughter who died from breast cancer. PLEASE. It's so simple to do, and so important that you do it.

Climbing off my soapbox now. :)

The final days are coming up for donations. And really: maybe skip a Starbucks today and send 3 bucks to someone who needs medical treatment to stay alive? I know that sounds overly dire, but it's the reality. For those that have made donations, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I won't let you down come November 7th!

(And feel free to share the link to my team's donation page with anyone that you know that wants to contribute.)

[ETA] for clarity: I have a team this year, Team Lackadasies. My partner is Christienne, and as she is way below her goal due to a combination of things (her office forbidding her to fundraise on their property and living in a new place), I linked to her name for any incoming donations. What's important is that the money goes to the women who need it, right? Thanks for bringing that to my attention, and sorry for the confusion!
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