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How to survive if you find yourself in a horror movie

Don't buy the "special chili" from this guy: Leatherface

If a house looks like it has eyes, and there were people killed in it, don't buy said house: amityville

If your child takes on this appearance: reagan must die It's time to spill a few (7 approximately) gallons of gasoline on the porch and drop a match.

This is NOT the heimlich maneuver: Texas Chainsaw massacre

Never (BUT NEVER!!) pick up hitch-hikers: the hitcher

If you dream that you've had sex with a hell beast and wake up pregnant, do not accept special herbals and/or necklaces from these ladies: creepy neighbors of Rosemary

Let's face it. Twins are evil: comeplay with us Danneeee

And if you see dead people, pluck out your eyes and get a dog: 6th sense

But not this dog: Cujo - RUN!

Oh. And don't be black or have sex. Happy Hallowe'en!!!!
*mini-Almond Joys and Snickers in your bags*
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