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cold weather, FINALLY!

A big ol' storm system is rolling in and bringing cold weather with it. Well, cold for us. That means hearty soups and pecan pie. (I've been itching to make a pecan pie. Side note: xochitl42? What's your email address? I tried sending you that thing and it came back a no-go.) Today is my old chicken-n-dumplings recipe with herbed dumplings. Yuuuuuuuum. I also have marshmallows for when the kiddos get home and want hot cocoa. \o/ (Hot chai for me.)

Recipes under the cut. Since I can't do a long walk today, I'm going to curl up in bed and finish reading "Look Me In The Eye" which I'm finding incredibly illuminating about people with Aspergers. Also, it's funny. Both older kids finished reading "To Kill A Mockingbird" so we watched the movie together last night, and it was lovely to hear them ask why on earth "the African-Americans had to sit upstairs and wait." It's heartening to realize that this new generation of kids just don't understand racism. At least, my kids don't. And "Scout, stand up. Your daddy's passin'" chokes me up every single time.

I voted yesterday, and didn't have to wait in a single line. They had plenty of machines and workers, which was nice. Incidentally, I would encourage as many of you as possible to VOTE EARLY, regardless of your affiliation. It gives more time to count and tally, more time to find errors, and reduces the chance of a Bush v. Gore situation. My nails are going to be chewed down to the quick my Nov. 4.

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I need a cold weather food icon...
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