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Please come massage my thighs. Take that however you want.

18 miles today. 10 min. mile pace. I timed it so I'd be back at my house at the 12 mile mark so I could take Sally Derg on the last 6 miles. 15 schnitzengreuben's 7 miles is her limit. :) When she saw that I had come back she was all sad faces because she knew I was walking without her, then I grabbed her leash and she crawled towards me with her front paws then wriggled against my leg to make me laugh. Why are dogs so rad?

I have pictures that are making me a) laugh and/or b) happy under the cut.

I say "faaaaaabulous!" like Oprah, and it both hurts and happies my brain.

He'll use you to plug up the hole in the ozone from those hairdos, ladies. This is one of my most favorites of all time. It can go so many ways....

I was happy to have voted and I got a sticker! Who doesn't like stickers? I really need to clean that mirror, sheesh.

THIS is what a pecan pie looks like. Are you listening Alan Ball of True Blood? Note: it is delicious. I couldn't help myself and cut a piece last night after the kids went to bed. :)

Don't even try and tell me that is not the cutest perpy derg ferce in the whole werld becerse I will nert berlierve yer. I actually said that out loud as I wrote it. I make no apologies for who I am.

NaNoWriMo: who's doing it? I'm signing up later today, and I plan on using it to finish up "Oh My Heck" (which, cough, I started last NaNo...) and maybe writing a full-length story I've had sketched out for about five years now... It'll feel good to have a goal.

Oooh, I made the chicken and dumpling recipe from yesterday for last night's dinner and I added some Parmesan cheese to the dumpling batter and that is a happy flavor explosion in my mouth, let me tell you. I have leftovers for lunch in a bit. *pats tummy*

[ETA] I meant to add this link earlier: a wine search engine! Know the region and year but not the name? Or any other combo? Chances are they have it, with a picture of the label, too! I've found a few that I couldn't remember the name, just the region and sundries. YAY!
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