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Good hell, I love this show. There were The Last Starfighter references (dude! I loved that as a kid!), there was RUSH as mathematically important to saving the world (yes.) and all sorts of awesome 80s references.

I would have liked them to use ANY OTHER Rush song than Tom Sawyer, because come on. Changes would have been a better use of the math theory (Rush is nothing BUT mathematical references. Why do you think every engineer ever is a huge fan??)

Better choices to heighten the mathematical embed storyline: YYZ, Changes (especially this one!), oh, no, 2112!! That whole song is about the future and space and possible destruction and is over 20 minutes long! Except... Geddy Lee both sings, plays bass, plays synthesizer foot pedals, and a keyboard during Tom Sawyer, so... maybe that is a good song choice. :D Why yes, my nerd is showing.

The Atari office with the geek hierarchy??? AHAHAHAHA! As a former tech that wanted her A++ certification to "retiring" from IT as a data architect, the truth in that was so damn funny.

Also funny was Chuck shaking his head "NO" to Casey's assumption that former 80s gamers would now be married with real jobs and kids. AHAHAHA! And they all raced to the Buy More after getting pages. PAGES!! Bwah ha ha.

I will say that I'm a little dissatisfied at Chuck just getting his diploma. I don't know, he's such an honest guy, I would think he'd want to take those last 12 credits himself. Maybe not. I do like that he has doors opened to him, though.

The 'it's on my Zune' " have a Zune?" "No, I'm just kidding, I have an iPod" made me laugh, too. But i really think those geeks WOULD get a Zune (or other obscure mp3 player you'd get at Frys) because they would see the iPod as the AOL of mp3 players. Hahahahaha.

I love everything about this show. I know a bunch of people hate the Nerd Herd, but that's one of my favorite parts. It always parallels the spy storyline, which pleases me to no end. Chuck always learns something from his fellow nerds that helps him to successfully complete a mission, which is terrific. All of those "go nowhere" nerds at the shop unwittingly have CIA skills. :D

No walk today, only more costumes, an audition, and more costumes with Beth. My knees are grateful. :)
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