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My awesome Obama tee shirt that I made.

Under the cut! And I put the original image under there, too.

I had to take the picture in my mirror, so the image is reversed. But I'm vain and didn't like how I looked when I flipped the picture. hahaha.

And this is the original I made: free to a good home! (To make it an iron on - barring you having the transfer sheets - you have to flip this so it'll come out the correct way. Unless you only want to be seen in rear-view mirrors, or something. :D

(I shrunk it to fit the screen. I'll upload the big one, if anyone wants it.)

I need food. I'm thinking tater tots and a blackberry Sprite from Sonic. Today was my last big training walk (18 miles!) before the event this coming weekend, so I feel like splurging on greasy goodness. Oh, funny thing on my walk. There are little lakes and ponds sprinkled here and there in my neighborhood, and I saw a lady walking her elderly Lab to one of them She found a stick, flung it into the water, and the dog happily jumps in. He comes out to bring his mom the stick, and two ducks come out of nowhere and start chasing this big ol' dog, biting his hind legs. The dog is perplexed, the lady and I are laughing, and she says to me, "And he's a bird dog!"

Well, obviously that's why the ducks are trying to eat him. :) Animals = rad since the original ooze.
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