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Now THAT is how I like to have a Monday.

1. I have an audition today, I'm sure I won't get it, but I'm finding them to be fun to go on, so eh. (I'm going to follow up every audition with "Do you need this to be more Spader?" And do my James Spader from "Pretty in Pink" impression. I don't know WHY I'm not getting these commercials... Ahaha. Ha. Hem.)
2. I got an email from the director of my second movie that said he mentioned my name to another director to star in a his new movie. UM, OKAY. YES, PLEASE.
3. My husband's been gone all weekend, swapping out the kids on an extended camp weekend, and has decided to keep that up until Wed. night. I love having my bed all to myself, it must be said.
4. Someone has apparently WRITTEN THEIR MASTER THESIS ON MORMONISM IN TWILIGHT. (pdf) So, please. All haters to the left, because I clearly knew what I was talking about, hahaha. [/vindication] I've only skimmed it, I've not read it. But believe me, I will be later.
5. A movie that I think every person who is into vampires/ can handle gore/ can handle a brutal look at adolescent behavior needs to see is Let The Right One In. It's Swedish, and it's absolutely phenomenal.

Okay, so this is a hard one to watch in some ways. The bullying the protag goes through is pretty raw and real. He's 12 and completely isolated. His father is an out of sight out of mind parent, his mother we never get a clear indication of, and the landscape is cold, barren and lifeless. It's slow to start, but I enjoyed looking at it, and the set up felt very natural. A girl moves in next door and there are brutal murders happening all around. [allows you to put 2 and 2 together]

I found the actors absolutely fantastic. Completely natural, and that's not easy for young actors. The bully was absolutely menacing and he's 12! So cherubic, and so plausible. His cronies are clearly afraid of retaliation, and their performances are outstanding as well. But the real light shines from the two kids. I don't know where they found the girl, but she is riveting. The constant hunger and need is almost breath taking. (Again, she's 12. Dude. Applause.)

There is one particular death scene that is quite brutal and made me cringe, and I'm not the cringing type. (Jess? There's gore. This one might not be for you, or have TFMN with you to give pillow over face warning.) The absolute desperation for connection to anything human is just so heartbreaking and wonderful. One of the final scenes had me absolutely riveted in my chair. I'll just say this: pool. When you see that, let me know what you think.)

In a nutshell, I think this may be THE best movie about vampires I may have ever seen. (Aside from my own, of course. Hahaha. [/self-pimp whore] It's certainly one of the best movies about adolescence I've ever seen. Swedish with subtitles. RUN to see it, if you can handle the horror aspect.

6. I made pumpkin spice cupcakes yesterday with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. I have found my Thanksgiving dessert! (I stole the idea from a Food TV show - I'll make fancy flower caramel cutouts to decorate the frosting on the actual turkey day.)

I love vacation weeks. *beams*
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