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I feel the need to gripe about this financial bailout

First off, if people have to suck it up, if we have to learn that we've spent too much, that we can't have what we want, gird up our loins if you will (and you will), then why in the hell aren't the automakers having to do it, too?

That one dollar a year that the CEO of GM and Ford claim to want next year? Big damn deal. What would REALLY impress me is if they promised their freaking stock dividends, expense accounts, quarterly and yearly bonuses, and proceeds from stock sales to be invested back into the company with no chance of them touching it. Guess which is worth more?

If they get these billions of dollars, I personally want to see their budgets. I personally want to see them selling off expensive "decorative" items in their offices. Do all of the executives need desks that cost tens of thousands of dollars? Do all of the executives need MARBLE WALLS on their floors? (I don't know if anyone watched ABC News last night, but they showed these yahoos walking to their offices. Marble walls. Because lord knows I can't work without the frippery and finery of my station.

Did you know that because of unions (which, imo, are totally useless in the auto industry nowadays) there is a large percentage of the work force that DOES NOTHING? I'm talking, they show up, punch the clock, and get paid 90% of their salary to SIT. And do nothing. They are required to take a lunch and two fifteen minute breaks, too. Sounds like a cushy damn job! And there's some wasted money right there.

Have you ever seen an automobile assembly line? Those guys do shit. The Ford plant up in Detroit, we watched the line. You've got about 25 people in the door division. They all stand around, iPods in their ears bopping to the hits, and they each get to screw in four screws. (I'm over simplifying, one guy had to do five and flip a panel into place. You get my point) They had long spans in between each piece as it rolled down the line, too.

Seriously? This can't be done more efficiently? We really need all those people doing that one damn job? I'm not an advocate of people losing their jobs, mind, but this affects EVERYONE. 35 billion dollars, and that's just for GM!

I say they need to take their medicine. These yahoos need to lose their business. They put out too much product in a market where people don't WANT their product. Have you seen the Yukon or the Denali? Those SUVs are expensive as shit. You can get all the same things in a much cheaper car, which is what people did. And how many damn cars do we need? One executive for Chrysler laughingly said something to the effect of "Well, we need to insure people's jobs, and frankly, we need to get people to buy our product."

Why? Why do we need the auto industry to remain antiquated? They're not making cars more efficiently. They're not making cars more clean-energy viable. Why the hell do we need these guys to keep their paychecks? We'd be better served to let these guys go the way of the dodo and let something NEW come in. New ideas, new products, NEW JOBS.

I don't want my tax dollars, which should be going to things that help the ENTIRE country, to end up lining the pockets of a few elite assholes. And the thing is, I know I'm not alone in this. I hope that with Obama, we can get all of these old school political fat cats out of town. I'm so sick of a small group of people that have no interest in me, no interest in my values, no interest in bettering their own country running the show.

I swear to the god of your choice, I am going to be pissed if Congress gives them a dime. Suck it, like we're all sucking it. You should have made better, cheaper hybrids, jack asses. You should have quit sending your executives on big trips, let the unions force you into keeping every employee when it wasn't necessary, and you shouldn't have kept making cars when NO ONE CAN BUY NEW CARS RIGHT NOW. Suck it up, get your damn hands out of my pockets, and look into wind energy. if T. Boone Pickens can see a change coming, and he's an old school oil man, they sure as hell can, too.

Even Steve Jobs got shitty when his stockholders complained about all the extra money he gets with something called "Say on Pay." Hell, Apple PAYS HIM for him to use his jet for "business." He got snitty in a shareholders meeting that, "I hope Say on Pay will help me with my $1 a year salary." Fuck you, dude. Yeah, I'm crying a river over your one dollar paycheck, as if that's ALL the money he gets. Such self-righteous glad handing they all do with each other.

Down here in the real world where people look at their paychecks (knowing that's IT. There's no magic money coming from anywhere else.) and decide that they'll have to let some bills not be paid because they have to eat? Or decide on mortgage checks vs. medical care? I'm sure they'd love to have your actual salary. What a disconnect to reality these guys have.


In happier news, I watched a (new to me) show called "The It Crowd" and laughed my butt off. I need to get my hands on all the eps, now. "When did the English start drinking like that? You drink like you don't want to live!" Hahahaha! Hilarious.

Yesterday I got a call from an old friend from high school that was back in town for the holidays. We had lunch and hung out all day and it was fantastic to remember being dorks on her trampoline in 8th grade. Good times!

Ugh, I need to do chores. I'll pay you a dollar salary to come take over? ;)
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