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I proudly displayed my bra in Home Depot

I wasn't wearing it, if that makes me seem less.... exhibitiony.

I bought some blue paint for my bathroom, because it was dookie green, and while the color would be pleasant in nature, it's most unpleasant when you're looking in a mirror and trying to apply makeup. In a nutshell: sallow! Time for a change.

Blue paint, I love frosty light blues, steely dark blues, stuff like that. Got the two gallons of blue paint home, it's a gorgeous color chip, and slap it up on the wall. Um. Huh. *head tilt* Realize that paint isn't right until it's dry, keep biting my nails, and do one whole wall. And hate it. HAAAAATE it. Have you ever used that blue tape for painting? THAT'S what it looked like, dry. Oh my GOD. It's just begging for stencils of little geese in bonnets, and a strutting rooster. It's country-cozy-kitchen, is what I'm trying to say. AUGH.

The bra. I have a beautiful bra in a frosty, icy blue (that I THOUGHT the original paint would be) and I take it in to the Home Depot. They color match that, and the guy will NOT make eye contact with me. Look, I don't have Dolly Parton-esque bewbage here, it's not like this is ridiculous, right? :D The paint was finished and dry by bedtime last night, and today I'm putting all the fixtures back up. I LOOOOVE it. Thank you, Soma bras!

When I get everything cleaned up I'll put up pictures of the GOOD color are now up! In the meantime, under the cut is a picture of the blue of AUUUGH!

Here's the original color, and this isn't really showing the true color (think more Army green.) In the PICTURE it looks like a nice taupe, but it is not. It is the sallowest of greens. Instant jaundice! (I do have a darker version of this in my powder bath, and THAT is nice. I'm wanting a brighter, lighter color in my bathroom now, though.)

Here's the first attempt at blue, and this is a NO. Again, can't you just picture some happy little clouds flitting along that? Or some duckies? Ack. It was the EXACT color of blue painter's tape once it dried. Blech.

HERE is the right blue. You can see how the light changes the tone, too, lighter to a bit darker, and I quite like it.

(that's my vanilla orchid on the left. <3)

That same wall shot from before, see the difference? And I love my robe, too. Super plush. \o/

This shot is almost Tiffany blue. No bad there!

Now I need to see if I can take the unused paint back to Home Depot and make it darker to paint my son's room. 2 flippin' gallons of paint I don't want. *head thunk* Has anyone successfully done that? (And hahaha, yeah. I'm not going to post a picture of me in the bra, so don't bother asking. *G*)
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