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Random statement of purpose, etc.

I did something that you shouldn't do unless you're a glutton for punishment: I googled my user name. I had no idea how far-reaching that ridiculous Twilight/LDS comparison spread. I kinda knew, but... it's over 3 million hits as of this posting. O_O As a result, I have a lot of new traffic here, and I know that people can be lazy and not want to hunt around for stuff, so I'll re-state some things:

  • I do not pretend to be an essayist, a member of the literati, or that this blog is anything but a source of personal amusement and camaraderie. (Nutshell: I ain't a genius, and I ain't claiming to be one.)

  • I like to be ridiculous and laugh. I also like to cuss. A lot.

  • I don't have an ax to grind, this is just my journal, where I like to talk about things what crop up in my think box. And I'm fairly certain that's what journals are for, yes?

  • I have a great rack and pretty ankles. Contrary to how I may come across here, I'm fairly nice and likeable with occasional moments of bitchery just like everyone else, I suppose.

  • I don't automatically friend people back, and I think it's a little weird when complete strangers demand that I do. Jeez, buy me dinner before you expect to get a little, you know? (lol) It's a reading list. Just like how you don't read every section of a newspaper, I don't read every journal/blog on the intertubenets. If that's upsetting to you, you might need to breathe more deeply. Or not read me, whatever keeps your blood pressure level. Or you know, start talking with me so we can get to know each other online. That's really easy; I like talking.

  • I try to answer every comment I receive, but it's not always possible. It's not meant as a slight, I just have lots going on in my actual life, and some things slip through the cracks. Just ask that one child I think I gave birth to... I feed it, so I guess I birthed it. Where did that kid go? We were on a pier - wide spaces - loud splash - and something happened. Huh.

  • I'm attempting to publish a book. It may never happen. It's specific, and it's meant to be funny (and teach you some things all sneaky like.) You can read first draft excerpts here, which is also where I keep the majority of my religious-discussion posts.

  • I go back and forth on whether or not to mark this LJ as "adult concepts." For one, I don't like that I have to define my LJ as that, since it's not always "adult." But then, I don't want to get in trouble for dropping F bombs and laughing about bad pr0n, either. Subject to change, I guess I should say.

  • I listened to two Australian guys talk about Twilight last night on a podcast, and not only are they funny, they state that everything they needed to know about Twilight, they learned from me. How freaking cool (and crazy!) is that?

  • I like tequila. And nachos. Both of which sound delicious right about now. Lunch?
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