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Next CD is out tha DOE!

Just so we can all be clear: I plan on keeping the playlists (and a copy of each CD) on my HD. If you find that you would like an additional CD, WHEN I AM THROUGH WITH THE LIST, let me know and we can make arrangements to get you more, if you would like, that is. I would hate for the people who got onboard late to be forced to wait longer. (You know, you aren't supposed to get seconds until everyone has had firsts...)

And let's also be clear that I am tickled pink by the response I have gotten so far! For those asking to reciprocate in someway, here's what I want: I want holiday cards. You pick the holiday. Just keep my return address and send me a card when you think about it. This is not a requirement, however.

This next CD is for chantal87, and incidentally, she got me on the CD kick by making me a kick booty ABC cd a few months back. Michelle, here ya go!

Midnight - I am envisioning a night divided. midnight is usually the make or break it point for whether or not the night was a success. The album is equally divided by the "good and happy" and the "crap! What happened to my night?" songs.

1. Night Train, James Brown. nobosy can get you in a good mood like the hardest working man in show business.
2. Gardening at Night, R.E.M. For one: I have done this. For two: it's a terrific song.
3. Moondance, VanMorrison. I'm operating on what I call the Muslimic Theorem, where by every third CD made will contain Moondance by Van Morrison. And it's a kick ass tune.
4. Midnight Rider, The Allman Brothers. This makes me think of bad boys in the night. Because that's what the song is about. And everyone wants (needs) a bad boy in the night.
5. Midnight, Yaz. SO perfectly goes with the theme, and I know chantal87 loves Yaz.
6. When You Sleep, Cake. What DO you do with your hands when you try to sleep? Mine keep me awake a LOT.
7. Moonchild, Cibo Matto. My love for this band knows no bounds. Heard about them while watching the season opener for Buffy, S2. Know the naughty dance with Xander? This isn't that song. But it's the same group, and I think this is their best song.
8. Equinox, John Coltrane. Equinox means two celestial bodies evenly spaced, but I'm using it as the exact middle of this CD. Goodness and light at one end, a night not right (or a night needing SOMETHING) at the other.
9. 'Round Midnight, Thelonius Monk. This is the song the jazz band plays when everyone else leaves and the janitor stops sweeping to listen to. And shake his head and say "fuck it," and stop sweeping all together. It's the soundtrack to night when everyone has gone home.
10. Satellites, Doves. Again, a band that I love love love. I think of sneaking out at night and laying out in the grass, waiting for my boyfriend to show up so we can just hang in the cool and watch the stars. But he probably doesn't show up, and I get busted. This is THAT song.
11. Sweet LullabyDeep Forest. A bit of a palate cleanser, a little funky with tribal rhythms. I love it for trying to smooth out before sleepy time.
12. The Heart of Saturday Night, Shawn Colvin. Beautiful voice. Heart-breaking song. Don't normally go for "contemporary folk" but I know this song is great. This one is for when you are trying to make a night something that it can't be.
13. I'm So Tired, The Beatles. Because look at what all you've done tonight! Look at the time! :-)
14. This Night Has Opened My Eyes, The Smiths. Oh, I feel 16 again listening to this. Angst, the UK, sorrow for the world, but more than anything else, sorrow for yourself. I heart Morrissey and Johnny Marr.
15. Good Night, The Beatles. Because I would really like you to be able to sleep to this CD.

leeannaray, you're up next!
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