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In the words of Al Pacino, I try to leave it, but it keeps pulling me back in!!

I was afraid my bad!fic writer had gotten beyond craptacular and was just merely bad.  Silly me.  New chapter went up today, and Lord, Lord.  Most is just head-scratching, but there was one special moment that was turned into the icon you see on your screen.  Feel free to take, have, credit, share, eat...

"He continued to kill her with snaillike [sic] slowness while his eyes remained opened.  He turned them over and entered her." So, am I to understand that Spike can pop out his eyeballs and STILL do it?  He's a machine.  Go, Spikey!  And as to Buffy, we all knew she liked a little monster in her man, but Jesus.


"Elizabeth felt the overwhelming need to mate." She ripped his head off, the violence of the action dumping adrenaline into his system enabling him to continue pumping his ejaculate into her..  This completes the deadly dance of Mother Nature's tango.


"They were swamped in each other and soaking wet." Which explains the aligator snapping vagina, bullfrog tongue, but NOT the catfish gigging.  I swear, next chapter by her will have "Their act of love-making resembled a beaver-kabob."


"He entered her slowly... coating himself with her she-juice."  Mary jumped on Joseph.  And coated his with her she-juice.  She-juice????  My GOD!!  That is hawter than math!!  Hotter than Cream of Cum soup with those yummy oyster crackers.


This is what I do when I'm not copying Berlioz or Mozart onto disks.  Truly a Jill-of-all-Tastes, and not necessarily of the good.  But look!  You're poking me with sticks!  And so?  I dance.

*does rainbow-hands while curtains close*

Psst: burning a CD right now, will have 2 tomorrow to send out!

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