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Catch-all post

1. Had a fantastic weekend including the best b-day party my son's ever had. What a relief!
2. I do not want to paint another vaulted ceiling again. Yeesh, my back.
3. Speaking of, I moved a good 500 pounds of compost this weekend plus 200 pounds of landscape rocks. But! The new planting bed is ready to be filled, so that's nice.
4. Still enjoying Big Love even though I felt Margene was "acting" I wish she could be more natural. Nikki, however, continues to be utterly compelling on screen. This article pretty much sums up my feelings. Ana needs more back story to make her arc believable. And the Joy books... Yeesh. I knew they existed in RL, but I wonder if that's how they really look: like cattle brochures with their hair and ankles and hands on display to show their worth? Blergh. That show pulls no punches.
5. And I saved the best (for me) for last. The movie I filmed last year, St. Nick, is officially having its world premiere at SXSW this March, which is pretty spectacular. Here's the trailer, and I cannot wait to see it. Whoo hoo, SXSW! (My icon is from the movie)

6. I think a lunch somewhere with a book is in order.

And happy birthday, soundingsea! My b-day notification thing appears to not be working...
Tags: big love, movie magic, st. nick
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