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And I stepped on the ball! Well, it was just ghastly!

I have Auntie Mame running through my head today. That's not a bad thing. How bleak was my puberty! :D

Oh, today is glorious. Beautiful blue skies, warmer arm, no cruel breezes, and I plan on spending most of it outdoors. I upped my morning walk to 8.75 miles today because I just didn't want to come in. Around the second mini-lake in my neighborhood a flock of seagulls herons ran so far awa-ay-ay (couldn't get away!) flew over head and they made me happier.

I have some big shrubs to move today, some mopping, and some windows to open up so I can air out my house. I'm not even going to let the rampant Crape Murder* get to me, even though it hurts my SOUL to see those ugly knees so brutally hacked and shaped. Stop killing your trees, people!! And it's almost time to prune your roses, but NOT the ramblers or you won't get any flowers this spring. (14 inches cut off on the 14th is the rule for the south.)

I have bread to bake, carnitas to cook, and corn tortillas to heat up. It's a fine, fine day. (I've been looking at plant pictures, which makes me happy. OMG, someone let me dig up their yard and put in more gardens, please!)

*for newbies around here, I'm a Texas Master Gardener. Trust me when I say that hacking your tree limbs is bad.
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