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Ants in my pants

I have complete wanderlust today, and no way to satisfy that need... Today is the kind of day where I want to change my name, have a completely new wardrobe, dark sunglasses, and hop on a plane to anywhere and just live in the moment for a month or so. *siiiiigh* Instead I'll do laundry, bah.

Things that made me laugh: The Geek Social Aptitude Test. I'm happy to say that I scored a 9 out of a possible 49 (men can score a 50.) But like the results say, I'm the James Dean of nerds, so, not totally cool. :)

I made bread yesterday and forgot to slip it in the oven to bake off, so it kept rising all night long. It's so tall I have to flip my toast over to toast the other half. Whoops! However, it's light as air. *pats belleh*

I would tool about town everywhere on this awesome bike. It's just awesome!

It's blustery outside, so no activities for me today. Probably what is inducing my labor antsy feelings. Talk to me! Tell me a story. I used to have a neighbor that was the best storyteller. So funny, this guy. He had a neighbor back in the day that was a real, honest to god hillbilly. He used to tell stories of a "squish squash" that terrorized the Georgia mountains. In a nutshell, it was the deep South version of Big Foot. How much more awesome is the name Squish Squash?? About a trillion times cooler.

*sigh* [eta] And don't forget to check out the trailer for my new movie St. Nick if you missed it earlier!
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