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HAHAHAHAHA, oh weathermen with your lies. Your bitter, angry lies.

A "warm front" was supposed to breeze in today and instead, I had blue skies turn to gray with winds so fierce it almost knocked me off my feet. I'm now freezing as I chose to wear capris to exercise in this morning. I need ear warmth STAT.

Today marks the birthdays of two people that are quite dear to me, ethrosdemon and kita0610. Both are strong, smart women that can laugh and can stand their ground better than most, three qualities I consider to be essential in my friends. I hope life treats you kind today. <3

In honor of standing your ground and being smart and awesome, here's a link to the op-ed piece President Obama sent to the Washington Post today. I seriously love that man.

I think I need another pot of coffee for I am chilled to the BONE. So much for moving shrubs outside today. =p Oh! I watched Gran Torino yesterday. Holy sheep dung, that's a hard movie. Clint Eastwood plays the hardest man in a movie I've ever seen. I always fret in movies when people have to use racist language because I think of the actors having to spend all day together on a scene saying those words over and over. That's hard stuff. I don't know how I feel about that movie, but I was moved in places. But good lord, the racist things the protagonist says. Yeesh.

Today I'm watching Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist so I can have a palate cleanser. Gentle teen romance FTW!
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