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Blissful day, coming up!

Tonight is date night for the Mister and me, and I think we're going to have a fancy-schmancy dinner since we didn't get to celebrate our anniversary with anything outside the house. Plus, we're both getting massages in a few, so I anticipate a lovely, relaxed day ahead. Until the kids get home from school and we have to do the Grandparent Shuffle, but then bliss yet again... [fingers crossed]

Last night a friend of mine was holding auditions for his new movie and asked me to come and read the other parts not auditioning. And I'm fairly certain that I'm going to be in the movie now, which is great. It's a sci-fi movie, so that's fun, plus the character I think I'll be playing [it's one of two parts I'm being considered for] is a lush of a high school teacher, she's funny too, and hits on hot 18 year old boys. THERE IS NO BAD THERE. It's like it was written for me!

I feel like I have other things I wanted to post about, but I can't remember what they are. Feh. am going to update my resume to read "Writer/Actress" which is a lot like "Model/Actress" except with glasses, flab, and junk food. Badum bum CHING! Yes, this was based on some of the girls that came in last night to audition. Oy.

I did a butt load (heh) of squats yesterday so my tush is super sore. I'm looking forward to getting those knots worked out. HEEEE.

Have a great weekend! Do something nice for yourself, eat something delicious, watch something indulgent, sit in your pjs all day, I give you permission! :D
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