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Huh. That explains a lot, actually.

I had my routine check up with my GP [general practitioner] today, and I continue to like him a lot. [Side note: I am capable of learning from other's mistakes and brought my Kindle. Good thing, too, as I had an hour wait due to flu season.] I have no real health complaints, I'm fit and hale, my BP is textbook, yadda yadda, and as we're wrapping things up, he asks, "Anything bugging you that you forgot about?"

"You know, I've only been able to breathe out of one side of my nose since I was a kid. I always thought that was normal.'s not, is it?"

"Uh, no." [shines light up my schnoz makes note] "Yeah, you have a deviated septum, pretty severe, actually. Wanna have surgery?"

"Yeah - I mean, should I?"

"Is it affecting your quality of life?"

I thought for a second, then went in for a penny and a pound. "I have a hard time making out with the Mister because I can't breathe out of one side - my kissing side."

He laughed and asked if that was important enough for surgery. !!!!

"Doc. Make outs are totally a quality of life issue."

He scheduled a CT and an appointment with an ENT to get this checked out. HEE. Who on earth could doubt the importance of make outs?!? Before I get "concerned comments about being heedless/slap-dash with surgery, I have issues breathing, always have, and hey! Let's fix that if we can, yes? And the bonus is the new Euro-Extended Make Out Stoney Remix! \o/

ION: I found last night's ep of Big Love to be incredibly disturbing. I also am 100% convinced that Gennifer what's her butt [Margene] is a one-note actress and she's getting on my last damn nerve. The dancing? Good lord.
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