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What the internet was made for.

Porn. Wait, no, fast transmission and sharing of information!
  • Attn: Kindle readers! Did you know that a company is making really slick covers to fit your Kindle 1 and 2? I didn't! And they're under 50 bucks and are gen-you-wine real leather. Pretty! I prefer the cobalt blue or the mocha with camel strap. <3
  • Attn: wanna be Kindle owners! You can own a cheaper eReader right now instead of waiting in line! You won't have free wireless or the upcoming Whispersync of the Kindle, but you can have an eReader that's less expensive and hosts formats of books the Kindle doesn't! For $300 US bucks, it's yours. That link also takes you to loads of eBooks to peruse, as well. [eta] I've been told they are fragile and the warranty is a MUST. All the more reason to stick with a Kindle, imo.
  • Want homemade biscuits, but don't have loads of ingredients? Check out these TWO INGREDIENT biscuits. No, really. Self-rising flour + cream = biscuits!

Wanna do something for people you love/internet love on Valentine's Day? svmadelyn hosts a Love Fest every V-Day. Here's how it works, and remember: it's about SHARING love. But because good things come to those who wait, you just might get some love back.
  • Email her at by 12 noon CST, 2-12-09 with an alphabetized list of people on the internet that you love.
  • Say something lovely about them, such as: username is the nicest, funniest person with a heart of gold! or what have you.
  • You can comment on up to 14 people.
  • On the 14th, her journal will link to a website that has an alphabetized list of all the folks that got "valentines" and you can search for your name, or just read about all your friends and feel joy for some folks that could probably use a nice day.

This is about sharing your love for others, so the way I see it, it's a win/win!

ION: I am determined to not be a lazy git today and accomplish many house cleaning chores, outdoor happiness now that the storms have passed and the sun is out, and some bread baking. I need some kind of brownie-type goodness, too, so feel free to link me/c&p your favorite hand to mouth dessert item in comments. (Hahaha, DANCE FOR ME!) :D Oh, let's not kid ourselves. I'm going to write a Choose your Own Adventure parody fic and never get out of my pajamas, I'm sure. NO! I WILL BE DILIGENT! ...send recipes.

...and energy bars.

[eta] I seriously think Facebook needs to change its name to "Ghost Of Boyfriend Past." There are some dudes that I just don't need to remember. Especially when time isn't kind to them, yikes.

[eta2] i know, I'm being a spazz, but this video is BEAUTIFUL as is the song, and the coolest thing is that it was directed by one of the production crew for St. Nick, my movie that premieres at SXSW in March. Way to go, Toby! I love it.
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