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*sucks in breath*

I don't know what the hell is in the air this week, but it seems that every single day has brought interactions with people that I just don't care for. Personality types, that is, because of course, they are strangers to me, just random people popping up on my blog who feel ZOMG LIEK THEY HAFF TO HELP ME. It's enough to make me want to lock it down and just interact with the handful of folks I know and like.

1. I guess it bears repeating: this is a PERSONAL JOURNAL. This is not an academic journal, a professional journalist journal, a community journal that welcomes your two cents (unless asked for,) this is not YOUR journal. It's mine where I say what I want, when I want, how I want, and incorrectly at times because here's the thing: almost everything I write in here is done while drinking my coffee and getting #3 off to school. I rarely plan ahead what I'm going to say, I don't have a beta for my posts (how ridiculous) and I might go back later in the day and find something that I misspelled, etc. and fix it. Or leave it, I have shit to do in RL, you know? You just sound pissy when you act like a pedant, by the way. No one likes that kind of thing. Except other tedious pedants, of which I am not one.

2. I don't care if I have a misspelled word, if I transposed a noun, or if you don't agree with my opinions. I reserve the right to care or not care, to fix it or to leave it because again: this isn't a professional blog, it's a freaking LJ that belongs to a spazz. [me]

3. Get your own journal, write your own thoughts, or be prepared to feel my ire if you decide my journal is somehow the home for YOUR pedantic thoughts/rants. [hint: it's not] This is not to say that if I am ASKING for people to share their thoughts they can't. This is for the person that just has a crumb in their craw and decides to unleash some random bullshit in my LJ. I don't have a problem with CONVERSATION. If you are unsure of the distinction, I'd be happy to explain further in comments. It should be fairly obvious, however.

4. Just because you feel super compelled to say something, doesn't mean you NEED to. Not here, anyway. EXAMPLE: I do not need to know your personal history if we've never met in real life/are not established friends. I don't want to know about your detailed medical history, your abuse, your secret pig fetish, or why I need to follow along with you into weirdsville. Would you say those things out loud in the post office? If not, don't say it to me. :) I am not your doctor, your therapist, your sponsor, your mother, your child. I'm some random chick on the internet who now knows the intimate details of your pilonidal cysts. Um, thanks?

I don't know what it is about me that attracts people with no sense of humor, people who worry about everything, people who scream and go to the red over every little thing. I am none of those things, and more importantly: I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE LIKE THAT. If you have no sense of humor, really, what the hell are you doing around here? Do us both a favor, okay? I DO NOT CARE if you need to defriend me, I won't be hurt, I won't cry, I won't make a locked post and be emo. Because it's the INTERNET, capice? Do what you gotta do to have a good time on your own, with my blessing. Just, you know, not here. [if you're that type of person to which I'm referring.]

Remember how I said in a locked post a few days back that I was about to start getting snippy? Yeah. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to get drunk, have an intervention, screw up the world order, die of neglect, destroy true love, and break someone's soul by laughing.

Or you know, hit the grocery store to feed the family. [scale hands] Have a good weekend? I know I will.

~Love, Me.

P.S. A few of you could do with reminding yourselves of The Rules Of Internet Interaction.
Tags: mean girl rant, rant, wtf no seriously wtf?
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