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This CD was for leeannaray, and her challenge was HAPPINESS. I decided to make a compilation of all the songs I play to make me feel better. You know the kind: you can't help but sing to, you can't help but get up and shake your booty to, the ones you drag everyone in to the LR to listen to.


1. Linus and Lucy, Vince Guiraldi Trio. I don't think of the Snoopy Dance. I think of the twin girls with their hands in the air, swaying their heads side to side. The cool nameless kid with the shoulder shrug, twisty feet dance. Pigpen with his shoulder hunch to the beat. I dare you to stay in a bad mood when this is playing. My dream is to play (in this song) the sand can in a band. In a tan van, with a guy named Stan.
2. Standing in the Shower... Thinking, Jane's Addiction. The best song to talk about pissing on yourself. Seriously, though, this song perks me up like not much can. And the water is so very hot...
3. All In The Groove Blues Travelers. I think this is one of their best songs. Drop the hackey sack, shake your groove thing, and have a Moose Grolsh on me. Harmonica solo!! So jam on, jam out, jam it in! 'Til you think that it's a sin!
4. Spoon Cibo Matto. The words make no sense. They don't! But. This is one smoking tune. Everyone in my house comes running when this is on and we all groove. Some of us better than others. My children are very white.
5. Pitch the Baby Cocteau Twins. I don't know what 9 out of 10 words are with this band, but I don't care. They make some of the most ethereal, ambient music out there, and the album this came from is autographed. And that makes me very happy.
6. Speak To Me/Breathe Pink Floyd. Pass the dutchie on the left. Hand. Side. This song will make me feel better and calm no matter what. I have never listened to this without a smile. Ever.
7. I Can, NaS. A history lesson, call for self-pride, and some of the most heart-breaking and uplifting lyrics in any song. In any genre. This is as good as Rap can get. This song makes me cry and feel better about the world all at the same time. (The "never porch monkeys" line makes me want to peel my skin off, but "you're man'll say 'she's my queen!'" makes me laugh with joy.)
8. Sabre Dance Kachaturian. My kids call this the trapeze artist song. Whatever you call it, it will get your blood flowing and your body moving. I like to pantomime juggling flaming bowling pins and get the kids to laugh. Because I am a serious dork.
9. Truckin' Grateful Dead. Confession time. Bit of a hippie. Followed the Dead for a bit. I celebrated the discovery of my first pregnancy by buying my friends veggie burritoes at a concert in Wyoming. When my row found out I was "with child" they quit smoking pot around me. now THAT's a community of love, people.
10. Thank You Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Sly and The Family Stone. If I can quote Uma Thurman, "I said Goddamn!" Just the very definition of cool and smooth. Just sit and bob your head.
11. Electric Cafe' Kraftwerk. I just looked at the past four songs and how they have NOTHING in common but that they are great songs. Huh. Who can't listen to this and laugh about Dieter? I'm as happy as a little girrrrrl.
12. Come Sail Away Eric Cartman. I can NEVER hear this on the radio without the "throat clear" by Eric. Funny, I like this version better.
13. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Ren & Stimpy. Two words: Stinky Weasle-teats.
14. Hey, Ladies! The Beastie Boys. Words cannot express how much I love this. Wait: I love this song for it's whip-crack back beat. For the lines: there's more to me than you'll ever know, and for: took off my boxers/ put on a bib.
15. Dog Pound Hop Ren & Stimpy. This is their theme song. It's a kick ass jazz number. And in for a penny...
16. Let Go, Frou Frou. This song makes me want to make like Mary Tyler Moore and spin in happiness in the street. And avoid the tranquilizer darts. Such a beautiful, moody song.
17. Girl From Impanema Stan Getz with Astrud Gilberto on vocals. Interesting thing about Astrud. She was a housewife. Sang with her husband and Stan on this album. Made one of the most memorable recordings of all time. Gives me a little hope, is all. Plus? This song makes me want to girl watch in Brazil. And I'm straight.
18. This Woman's Work Maxwell. You saw that right. Maxwell, a male soul singer hits all the high notes and makes this song even more powerful than it already is. (leeannaray, I know you already have Kate Bush's version. Hearing a man sing this song hits me harder, somehow.
19. Only Living Boy In New York Simon & Garfunkel. I know that you miss New York, Leeanna. This is for you.

Spander is next, and is already at the post office!


(Deleted comment)
Nov. 6th, 2004 06:47 am (UTC)
Oh, it's a running joke at our house. I have NEVER had my actual doctor in the delivery room with me. First child: doctor didn't believe I knew what I was saying when I told him it would be my due date. Which fell on the Super Bowl. I'm in Dallas and it was the Cowboy's first time back. He was at the game. 2.) No one could find my doctor. He was found a few days later by a hiker (I was out West this time) by his pager with my (and another girl's) number beeping. His wife had him killed. 3.) They thought I had several more hours to go (I was only at a 3) and left to get coffee, yadda yadda. Felt like someone had put a blow torch to me and I screamed, Mr. Stoney looked to see what was wrong and dove to catch Emily.

If I have another one, I have been advised to move into a room the last month. :-)


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