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I think I have theoretically solved Global Warming.

On paper. Okay, stick with me here. In The Beginning things didn't operate the way they do know. One of the first organisms that helped create biodiversity was blue green algae. Because UV rays (the sun) cause it to trap methane (the original air on earth) and produce CO2, other organisms began eating that CO2 and producing 02, which is what our plant life currently does, yes?

Why on EARTH haven't we used algae, engineered to reverse that process (meaning, eating CO2 and spitting out O2) and create filters for smoke stacks? For mufflers? Talk about going green... Algae is incredibly easy to come by, and in places is damaging ecosystems because people like to put nitrogen fertilizer on their lawns but can't be arsed to follow instructions, thereby screwing up our water system (which spits out this N2 high crap into the Gulf of Mexico, causing algae blooms, which kills the O2 in the water, killing plant life.)

You could make floating "islands" of algae (again, engineered to work backwards) over cities that are major polluters. Now, before you say yeah, yeah, not possible to engineer this stuff, I engineered algae to act as a specific bacteria when I was a senior in high school. [Science Fair represent!] And with all we know now about molecular engineering? How 'bout it, Science?

[Side note for life science geeks like me: Archae might be better to use since they already thrive in harsh environments like hot springs, and acid mine drainage. I mean, if it can live in that stuff?] I know what my kids are going to be working on for next year's Science Fair.

[ETA] for I'm not so stupid after all! melbournegirl found a link showing that some guys at MIT are working on this VERY THING. In your face, Mr. S, who thought I was sounding Asimovian. (And when is that a bad thing, I ask you?)

Here's an awesome video that condenses the entire life of the earth up to now in 60 seconds. The explosion of biodiversity at the end - 1.2 billion years in a few seconds? Awesome.

ION, I want to learn how to vid. Any tips? I've had an idea for about four years now, and want to do something with it.
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