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Hair Meme!

This was started by dancetomato and crazydiamondsue, and since I'm shameless, I have to do it, too. My various hair dos through the years... (Oooh, except my shaved head/rat tail breakdance years because my mother destroyed all of them because "I was so ugly." Aww, thanks, Ma.)

WARNING: image heavy.

When I was a leetle Stoney I was so blonde my hair was almost white. I was also mostly peach fuzz until four years old - I can remember my first haircut because it was just before I went to Kindergarten. This 'do is just how it grew. I was a teensy thing playing on one of our many pianos. (My dad rebuilds pianos. We always had two or more in the house.)

And yes, on the left wall (you can't see it) was a giant fishing net with starfish and seashells, as was the norm in the 70s. And a macramé owl plant holder. And Carol King on the turntable. By six years my hair was growing more. My mother would put those soft white rollers with the twist-tie ends on them in my hair so I'd have weetiny curls at the bottom. I remember how much those and the pink sponge-style curlers sucked to sleep in.

I have a story about that girl I'm resting my head on - she was a MONSTER but they were the only kids we played with. Her brother, who was my age, tried to set his house on fire one day and my mom chased him up and down the block and spanked him. Then got a hose and put out the fire. He and I rode our Green Machines up and down the block, so he was cool to me.

Here I am at Easter - I miss getting an Easter dress and the smell of white shoe polish.... This was my long-standing Dorothy Hamill 'do that all girls had in the late 70s/early 80s but fancied up for Easter Sunday - I have wings! (I still have a fear of roller brushes to this day.)

Junior High. *cough* This was a troubled time for me, and my mother was gone, so my dad was left with the duty of getting us three out the door for school. That should tell you everything. My DAD was in charge of my hair and clothes.

So I'm the one on the third from the bottom, aaaaaaaall the way at the end. Yes, with the glasses. Oh, the GLASSES. *cries*

*cries* Me in the blue shirt. I looooooved that shirt. 8th grade with my best bud Jen next to me with bleached hair. We were so New Wave, you guyz. no, no, I need BIGGER frames. (In my defense, this was the age of Sally Jesse Raphael's infamous Red Specs.)

I finally ditched the glasses, got a bob, and started putting copper colored mousse in my hair. ??

I remember holding my hair in my fingers to make it stand up while I blow dried it. With a pound of mouse in it. Pretty! That's better than the Rave 4 my contemporaries were blasting on their perms.... Did someone say perm? Not so fast, Stoney!

This was it grown out, too. My senior year I cut off ALL of my hair (I need to find those pics..) I had loooong hair down to my waist, all one length. With those big ass glasses. Why didn't boys love me? Ahahaha. I cut it off, got little gold round specs and contacts, and for the first three days of my senior year, no one knew who I was. I took some time to reflect on the dangers of the Spiral Perm and went au naturel, as was the style in the early grunge years that were my college days.

There's a theme for me in college: a bandanna or a headband. See?

Me and the BFF - she has an entire photobook filled with nothing but these booth pics. I have GOT to get my hands on that one of these days... When I wasn't playing it straight and simple, I wore wigs. No, seriously. College was all about playing dress up. (Mormon college, remember? When there's no booze or boinking, you have to get creative with your time.)

So technically that's not my actual hair, but I wore that wig a lot. We'd get dolled up and go roller skating to disco music, stuff like that. I still have this wig - I made the Mr. dress up at "The Greatest American Hero" and wear it. Ahahaha. AWESOME. (Side note: that actor, William Katt? He's going to be in this new sci-fi movie that starts filming in a few weeks. Know who else? Freaking ZED from Pulp Fiction. I KNOW.)

Got married and this will be the last time you'll see so much natural blonde in my hair... *sniff*

(Shh, don't tell, but I was five months pregnant in this picture. We had eloped earlier and came home to have a reception.) And I HAVE to post this, because it never fails to bring the LOLz, my mother, at MY wedding reception, in HER wedding dress. "LOOK AT ME!!" Ahahahaha. Wow, what a crazy person.

I divorced, took the babies, and moved home. In addition to losing 280 pounds (har har, that's what my ex weighed. He was 6' 8". BIIIG guy) I lost my long hair, too.

I found my happy and started doing movies. This was my hair for the first one, Blood on the Highway. I freaking love the absurdity of this pic.

It grew out, and instead of having it all one length, I finally started cutting layers, and my headaches went away. (I have a lot of hair.) Who knew?

That's pretty much how I look right now. Well, not right NOW now, because it's back in a ponytail from being outside exercising. This next one is one of the rejects from my head shot photo-shoot. Flat-ironed and blowin' in the wind. I'd had a hair cut prior and the lady hated how much hair I had so she thinned it to make her arms less tired. Uh... thanks? Too flat, imo.

I've been going back and forth with whacking it all off again, but I think I'll keep it long for a while longer. I like long hair on me best. Well, unless I can find someone that will do a spiral perm and shove some massive frames on my face. PRETTY!

I have a house that needs cleaning and no get up and go to do it. Any takers? I'll make you a margarita? It's 80 degrees here today. \o/
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