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The Great CD Project of '04 Rolls On...

It finally happened, but it's because it's crazydiamondsue's request. I had to make a 2CD compilation. She wanted Spander. I made this with her fic in mind. Keep in mind (those of you who are die-hard Spander shippers) that this is MY interpretation of what I see in that 'ship. It's filled with the funny, angst, the snark, the hot, but ultimately I think it's a doomed ship. Doesn't mean I don't like reading fluffy, this project is just my current frame of mind. Enjoy!

Previous Playlists can be found here

Spander - My take on this is Xander coming to terms with his "interest" in Spike. This is all from his point of view. The CDs are broken up into the stages of their relationship.

1. Angst in My Pants, Sparks. This is from the Valley Girl soundtrack. I can't think of a more appropriate song for our goofy hero.
2. There's More To Life Than This, Bjork. Again with the goofy love. But. This song was recorded live in a bar (and its toilet) and in this context makes me think of these boys at The Bronze. What would you do (or see) in a public men's room?
3. Stripped, Depeche Mode - Live. God. I go back to asking for a synthesizer of my own, my 18 inch bangs and shaved head, and my love of angst. Just raw.
4. Johnny, Are You Queer? Josie Cotton. Thinking those thoughts probably made Xander feel a little nervous about himself.

5. Sex Object, Kraftwerk. Bet Spike picked up on the flirting. Bet he flirts back. Bet it makes Xander nervous.
6. Freddie's Dead (Superfly), Curtis Mayfield. A reason why I should NOT pursue the hot gay vamp, by Xander Harris. Oh, and really kick ass bass line.
7. The Shag, Tammy Paige. Ha ha ha! This is a dance and song from the 60s. But come on! There's a line: it doesn't matter what you wear, just shag. Ha ha ha!
8. Oh What a Night, The Moonlighters. This is not the cheesy song from the 70s. This is a romantic doo-wop from the early days of Motown. Xander has a romantic streak, and is imagining his first time. Well, this first, at least. He was robbed of the romance with Faith and Anya, after all.
9. Closer, Nine Inch Nails. Fuck romance. Get. Your. Pants. Off. Now.

10. Break you Off, The Roots. Damn. If you don't know about this smooth band, you are missing out. A rap outfit with one of the best drummers in the biz and OBOES. And this song makes my crotch ACHE. TMI?
11. Taste The Pain, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Bet sex with Spike isn't always candles and flowers. Bet Xander likes it that way.

This is where the CDs break. It was the most logical ending.

12. No Ordinary Love, Sade. I envision this section as the relationship building time. I would crawl over fiery glass to listen to this woman sing.
13. Cowboys and Angels, George Michaels. Yeah, this is a bit of a toss out for more Rodeo. But it's also a smoky, sexy, sensual song of man love.
14. love My Way, Psychedelic Furs. Bet they fight a lot. But still come together. Fist, fangs, and fucking. Jockeying for control. That sort of thing.
15. In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel. Not why you'd think. Say Anything: John Cusack standing at her window. John Cusack (in the movie) reminds me of Xander. Awkward, loves deeply and without question... "I don't want to build or make anything bought, sold or processed." That's my Xan.
16. I Melt With You, Modern English. A hopelessly lovey, romantic song from my New Wave days, and I still love it.
17. They Won't Go When I Go, George Michaels. One goes before the other. Romance with a vamp won't work. It's the Highlander Syndrome. It's a big elephant in the room no one is talking about.

18. Symptom Unknown, Maxwell. A self-examination as to why a relationship won't work. Sorrowful and poignant, and this line, "I guess it was the way you were cold," cinched it for me.
19. It Should Have Been Me, Gladys Knight and The Pips. Gah, I love Motown. Next to Stevie Wonder, she is the best thing to come out of Motown. So Spike is back with Buffy (going on the Sunday Morning Coming Down timeline) and Xander sees Spike wants her. In the song, Gladys is seeing the love of her life walking down the aisle to be married. The preacher asks "if there are any objections, speak now, or forever hold your peace" and she jumps up, tears streaming down her face and cries out, "It should have been me." I could find religion with this song.
20. Saved!La Vern Baker. A bit tongue in cheek, but whenever there is the sad, joss throws out the funny. My thoughts are Xander is embarrassed by his outburst about Buffy and Spike so he swears off the evil things in life. If I were to vid this song, it would be a split screen of both Spike and Xander swearing off what is bad in their lives. This is all out Southern Black Baptist rock/ preaching. "I used to smoke. I used to drink. I used to Smoke. Drink. And Dance the Hootchie Coo!" And the choir breaks in with tambourines. Love it.
21/ Karma Police, Radiohead. Penance for bad behavior. On both sides. The end? With the dissonance and squealing noise? That's Xander losing an eye and Spike draping himself over the cross. Didn't you know?

dusty273 you are up next! Thanks for sending me your mailing address. ropo, in case you're out of pocket this weekend, email me your snail mail addy so I can shoot yours out first thing. I'm doing two at a time now.
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