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Back from SXSW, or, Close Encounters With The Fourth Wall

Begin transmission:
  • Didn't go to bed before 7am any night I was there stop
  • Drank more tequila than a frat boy in Juarez stop
  • Ran into old friends that made me incredibly happy to catch up with stop
  • The movie was beautiful, smart, sweet, and well received stop
  • Met the director of Sister Wife and now have her personal contact info, she's awesome, we totally hit it off, stop
  • Saw the following celebs (remember that there was drinking and not seeking autographs from anyone) Felicia Day (eating BBQ next to me) Robert Rodriguez (hanging with some friends of mine, too awed to go up to him - he's super cute and a lot taller than I thought) Seth Rogan (he's also not tiny and he's quite... hairy) stop
  • kind of want to run away and be single and my alter-ego for a month and live in the woods, no reason, it's just there in my head stop
  • went on an audition this morning and was paired up (married couple for the commercial) with the new assistant head coach on Friday Night Lights stop
  • he's totally cute aaaaaand totally an actor that wants to talk about his awesomeness *yawn*
  • he thinks it's pretty official that FNL will def. be picked up for two more seasons stop

Gonna stop and go nap in the sunshine
Full stop
Tags: fnl, movie magic, random statements, stoney doesn't suck
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