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it's Happy Hour somewhere!

Ahh, the sun is out, the patio beckons, and my glass needs to be full. So you say you have rum and Minute Maid Limeade and want a delicious treat? Get the hence to your stove, combine a cup of sugar and a cup of water, heat until it's dissolved (clear). Take some fresh mint (crucial! Go buy if you don't have it already) and throw a handful in. Put a lid on it, shove it in the fridge for an hour or so.

Get a tall glass, add ice, a jigger of rum (I'm a lush, so make it 2), a jigger of the "simple mint syrup", and top off with limeade. Give a little shake if you're so inclined and top with a fresh sprig of mint to impress your friends. The Mojito in all it's sweet, nummy glory.

And the good part? The mint makes your breath taste good, so when you wake up sprawled on the lawn, clothes askew, and birds building nests in your hair, you can say "Hi" to the responsible neighbor taking a jog and give them a whiff of minty fresh goodness.

Now, get to drinkin'!

(PS: that syrup and a glass of crushed ice and whiskey is a mint julep, if you want to ruin a perfectly good glass of whiskey.)
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