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The Great CD Project of '04 Soldiers on...

dusty273 had the request of "Kiss". Got some songs about it, here it goes:

1. Girl Afraid, The Smiths. I was what you would call a "late bloomer." I identified with this song so much. Wanting a boy, not knowing how to get the lips together...
2. Sugar Water (Remix), Cibo Matto. Later I learned to be this girl. Want? Take: Have. This is the sexy dance Buffy does with Xander to get Angel jealous.
3. I Have The Touch, Peter Gabriel. Only, only wanting contact... Mmm. I made out with the Handsome Jew to this song many times... 17 was a good age.
4. Our Day Will Come, K.D. Lang and the Recliners. I love her voice. I love this song of dreaming. This makes me think of first kisses, and those are a precious commodity.
5. Steal My Kisses, Ben Harper. I love him!! I love this song!! I'm bouncing back and forth thinking about the chorus of this song!
6. Kiss Me, Sixpence None The Richer. This song satisfies the swirly girlie in me.
7. Please, Please Me, The Beatles. You know when you see someone [Zach Braff] with pretty lips [Zach Braff] and you just KNOW [Zach!] that they would be great kissers? COME ON! Please! Please me! Hee hee!
8. Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You, Lauryn Hill. Best version of this song. Hands down. Wait, Denise Richards sings this to Doll!Jesus in the fake documentary, right? Okay, this is the SECOND greatest version of this song.
9. For Once In My Life, Stevie Wonder. Stevie. Stevie singing joyous love. Life is good, folks.
10. In The Waiting Line, Zero7. Now, this isn't a traditional love or kissing song. But my husband gets amorous everytime I play it. Works for me. By the way? He's SUPER hot.
11. Kiss of Life, Sade. I would STILL crawl across broken, fiery glass to hear this woman sing.
12. Buffy-Angel Love Theme, Christophe Beck. I don't care what your ship is, this is a good piece of music.
13. Tai Chi with Buffy, Christophe Beck. And how pretty was it watching these two? I like watching them kiss. And I'm Spuffy! And Spangel, and Spander, and Splem... No. Not the last one.
14. Fruta Fresca, Carlos Vives. Mari!! Shout out to you, in a way. I love me some Latin music, and this is a great song. I used to work in a department of all Cuban males (they would say: llay ohrah, say KOO bahn), and they would drag me on the floor and get me grooving every Christmas party, and demand their cheeks kissed when done. Good times.
15. A Kiss To Build A Dream On, Louis Armstrong. I love this song, but not as much as Ben Affleck needs acting lessons. Okay, there should be at least three of you laughing at that.
16. Wedding-Wrong, J Ralph. Remember that terrific VW commercial with the guy rushing to the wedding chapel and it turns out he isn't the groom but is trying to STOP the wedding? This is the killer music in that commercial.
17. Kiss, Prince. You knew it was coming. And this man IS sex. I don't care how wee he is.
18. Kiss Them For Me, Siouxie and The Banshees. Back in my shoe gazer phase, this was the "peppy" song she did. I still love it.
19. I Know What Boys Like, The Waitresses. Boys like me. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!
20. Hot, Hot Hot!, The Cure. Told you boys liked me. Hee! ROBERT SMITH!! Don't you STILL want to put on bright red lipstick and smear it a bit? No? Just me?
21. Keeping the Dream Alive, Freiheit. Obscure song from one of the best romantic movies EVER: Say Anything. Song of love and triumph, and this is played when the plane takes off and she's freaked out and he's just there for her, and they kiss.

The next CD is out and will be listed in a second post tonight. smashsc, email me your mailing address so I can get you out the door in the morning! Vinnie, yours will go out then, as well.
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