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Garden picspam

We had some lovely and much needed rain yesterday, so I ran out with my camera during a pause in the storm to snap some pics - everything looks so intensely hued during a rainstorm. <3

This is a plant commonly called "Chocolate Chip Ajuga" aka Bugloss. Sometimes plants have ugly names. This flower is short lived, but when it first comes up, it's so intensely colored, it's fantastic. It fades as the weather heats up, but at first blush, it's almost identical to blue pen ink. The leaves stick around until frost, and they're darkish purple with green margins, and for some reason that made the taxonomists think of chocolate chips? Alright.

I tried being artistic with the raindrops and all, lol. Dutch Iris, you can't go wrong with blue and yellow, and hey did you notice that I like blue flowers in the Spring? It's such a hard color to find for summer and fall plants, I tend to go a little overboard come springtime...

Spanish lavender, and oh, how I love this tough plant. I've said it before, but I have some newbs reading now: lavender is TOUGH. (Um, not the English variety. That stuff wilts faster than a fellow playing tiddlywinks with a glass of Pimms in a PG Wodehouse novel.) I have this stuff lining my rock wall, it gets NO supplemental water, and gets straight-on hot western exposure in Texas summer. And it thrives like crazy. Plus, the blossoms look like bunnies from a distance. Or bees. I <3 them. Plus? It smells delicious.

Another incident of me trying to be an artiste. :) I love my dry river bed. It's light blue/grey when dry, deeply slate-blue when wet. The black grass in front was a successful experiment of mine: black liriope (also known as monkey grass in some parts.) The Ajuga is in the back, and that bit is starting to fade. The green heart-shaped leaf is an invasive Korean ginkgo that I regret ever planting. It smells like oranges when torn, which is cool, but it takes over everything.

There's the infamous weeping maple (Japanese) that my roofers busted in half last year. It's sloooowly coming back. It's literally half the size it was last year at this time. Oh, so much woe over that. In about a month, you won't be able to see any soil/mulch whatsoever. Anenomes and crocosmias will fill that area all out.

The front of my Texas natives bed, which is also where I grow most of my veggies. Clockwise from top left: bearded iris (not in bloom) bi-colored dianthus, bluebonnets, yellow-eyed blue grass. There's a native goldenrod starting to mound up in the upper right corner. Ah-choo!

Saving the best for last (imo) a closeup on the new leaves that just burst forth on my weeping maple. Look at that color!! Oh, I love to just look at it. Clearly I have no life, sitting around staring bug eyed at trees... Each of these leaves is the length of my pinkie finger. I have three Japanese maples, two are weeping forms, the other traditional.

I have total ants in my pants today. I want to do SOMETHING exciting, but instead I'll most likely end up doing laundry and vacuuming. I'd RATHER be BASE jumping off that cliff with the massive cave at the base in New Zealand. Or hiking in Zion. Anything but flippin' laundry and mom duties. SIIIIGH. Wanderlust, big time.
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