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The only fool here is me

I have mentioned that I hate the wind, yes? Because I do. Like, mortal enemy hatred. Why do I live on the black land prairie again? 45 mph gusts, steady wind of 25 mph. 8 miles today, and I'm worn the hell out from being beaten around by that dastardly wind. And I don't know how it manages it, but I left the house in one direction, came back in another, and was STILL facing the wind. What?? Ocean breezes? Mountain zephyr? I'm good with those. Swirling, abusive, leaf-filled, bird-knocking, shirt blowing up type winds are on my black list.

I'm sure I looked the fool stomping about with a snot-covered face, grimacing at the four miles left to go. :|

In happy news, though, I am going for proper Dim Sum this afternoon with an old friend that I let go by the wayside. (Old timers here: my $60 candle/Type-A friend.) Then there will be shopping for supplies at the Asian Market (I need proper jasmine rice, white soy, miso powder, etc. etc.) Spring weather makes me want light Malaysian/Thai/Japanese foods all the live long day. Mmmm, like that sweet vinegar cucumber salad stuff with little bits of crab and shrimp? MMMMMM I love sunomono! Or hijiki with carrots. OM NOM NOM I love you food, get in mah belleh!

I'm going to make that chai spice cake for Zombie Jesus Day this weekend, I think. I may not celebrate the worship of the second zombie risen (hahahaha, I'm so blasphemous) but I sure like all the trappings like chocolates, devilled eggs, and spring treats in buffet form. Okay, I need to shower and untangle my hair. Yeesh.
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