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This one is for ropo. We met while singing karaoke and the skate rink... Okay, it was online, but it was fun. Her request was "Color."

1. The Rainbow, Ween. Happy fun song about gay pride and being yourself.
2. To Serenade a Rainbow, P.M. Dawn. Life is still when these guys are on. They are underestimated as musicians, that's for sure. Last Rainbow song, just trying to get you down for the Roy G. Biv action acomin'.
3. White Lines (Don't Do It!), Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Rang dang ding a dinga dong. (Baby)
4. Don't Pass Me By, The Beatles. 'Cause it's on the White Album. Bit of a stretch, but hey! Beatles!
5. Cherry-Coloured Funk, Cocteau Twins. Again with the ethereal love. Cherries: Red. Am I stretching?
6. Holding Back the Years, Simply Red. What a great soul voice that red-haired Irish man had. Huh?
7. Love Roller Coaster, Red Hot Chili Peppers. I know this is a lot of red, but guess what! Rock stars are either angry or depressed...
8. Lost & Found, Tripping Daisy. Daisy = yellow. Also? This is Tim Delaughter before Polyphonic Spree, and I used to hang out and drink organic tea and watch them. Whee!!
9. Evergreen, Barbara Streisand. Yeah, yeah, she's obnoxious. But then was when she had the 'Fro and was still fantastic! This is a great song to sing in the shower when you think you sound as good as her. Know what? You don't. But I still sing it anyway...
10. My Robin Is To Greenwood Gone, Musicians of the Globe. This sounds like you are in the theater of the round. That's a clue. Anyone care to take a guess where the title is from? Beautiful, foresty, clean music.
11. Cat Turned Blue, Rusted Root. My hippie days are showing again. I love them. They throw down in concert, too.
12. Optimistic Thoughts, Blues Travelers. Harmonica solos! Good ones, at that! Happy, jamming music. Good for what ails ya.
13. Carribean Blue, Enya. Lay down and breathe deep music.
14. Beauty of Grey, Live. This is off their first album, and I still am blown away that they were teenagers. This is the best song (IMO) off that album.
15. Ashes of American Flags, Wilco. This album, this band, and this song HURT me. In a really good way. If you aren't familiar with Wilco, and you like bands like Old 97s and Radiohead? This is their love child.
16. Babylon, David Grey. (Are you seeing the spectrum? Is that lame? Oh, well.)
17. Black, PearlJam. I made out for HOURS to this song with one of the prettiest boys that was the best kisser ever. Then I was stupid and dumped him for a blonde. Blondes and me don't mix. This song hurts me, still. That was a lot of information you probably didn't want, huh?
18. Say It Loud! (I'm Black and I'm Proud!), James Brown. Only when I just typed that did I see James BROWN. I was going for black. I'm not a smart man, Jenny, but I know what love ih-yuz.

Okay! Off to make smashsc's and cityphonelines's CDs now!

JUST IN CASE: I burned all of these with winamp (ripped the files, too) so, I would recommend using WinAmp as your player. Plus, it uses less resources and comes in customizable skins. Like Buffy skins, for example. Download WinAmp (freeware) here.


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(Deleted comment)
Nov. 8th, 2004 08:40 pm (UTC)
I loved Jason So-Cool [not his real name] and kissed him for hours to that tune. Then I was dumb and it still hurts. Now just because I hurt him. Fucking MUSIC!! lml ^__^ lml

you know, if you felt like it, maybe you could post on the "Spander" post what you think about your CD... in case someone wanted to know how it turned out or somthing..
Nov. 8th, 2004 09:03 pm (UTC)
Ooooh, so many songs I don't know! This is fabulous ... I can't wait to get it in my hot little hands!

Nov. 8th, 2004 09:19 pm (UTC)
Oh, I was sure that I had a bunch that you would know (or recognize), but then again, it's fun to be introduced to new sounds. They are good choices according to Spin magazine....

Can't wait until you get it!! Should be there around Thursday. Lemme know when it comes!
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 9th, 2004 11:38 am (UTC)
I seriously get depressed when I am not regularly exposed to new music. Needless to say I hate the radio. I'm getting Sirius radio (woot!! George Gimarc on Alternative Nation!!) for Christmas, and I will be one happy camper. Spin magazine and I have similar viewpoints on new rock and such. They have a big article at the end of the year with all the good bands you aren't listening to. That's how I discovered Doves a few years back, and Wilco two years ago.

I'm working on Wesley's Theme right now and I am getting CHILLS when I find the right song. This is so fun!!!!
Nov. 9th, 2004 11:24 am (UTC)
So many colors in the homo rainbow...

I've been listening to Chef Aid waaaaay too much. Speaking of which, I cannot believe you put a South Park related song on the same CD with Mecha-Streisand. That amuses me.

And dude! Ringo! <3 Hee! I am loving your mixes.
Nov. 9th, 2004 11:41 am (UTC)
Mecha Streisand!! But it's from her 'fro days. She wasn't Mecha yet.... I know she's crazy, but her 70s stuff reminds me of the happy times... In fact, my little icon is probably me playing my version of "superman" by her. Or Cher. Those were my faves at 4. Ha!

I love that Chef joins in and reminds everyone to love each other. That song kicks ass! I love happy, bouncy tunes.
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