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There are days when I love being a geek, and days when I don't.

Yesterday? loved it. I ended up getting an audition call (for a back pain specialist, perfect timing, lol) and was right near the best comic book shop in town. Naturally, I needed to find out what I've been missing in the graphic novels/apocalypse horror genre. The owner was there and we talked about Joss, Dollhouse, Firefly, BSG, Lost, and most importantly, the end of the world. Would it be religious? Would it be due to our own hand? Most importantly, is surgery - installing a metal plate in your brain - feasible? Good times. Also, man there are SO MANY AWESOME Apocalyptic series out there, why wasn't I told?? There are about five or six series he showed me, but since it turns out that I'm made of flesh and not money, I only bought two starters.

1: Y: The Last Man, and are you freaking kidding me!? The sum-up is that something causes every single male mammal from sperm to fetus to geezer to drop dead, without warning. Planes falling from skies, cars crashing into each other, etc. All but ONE man and his pet monkey. (!!) Geneticists are trying to get a hold of him for obvious reasons, he's trying to get to his girlfriend half-way around the world, and a lesbian biker gang wants to kill him. SIGN ME UP, DUDE. :D Also, this is complete and available in trade paperbacks, nice.

2. The Preacher, sum up: Hobv. he's a religious man and God starts to speak through him. Like, Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark burning rays and melting faces speaking through him. It's a religious kind of End of Days thing, and he sets out to find out why God is such a jackass, and why he's using him. Featuring his hard-drinking ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire. I MEAN, WHAT?! Cool thing: it was completed in 2000, so no waiting for editions, woot!

The other series looked more my speed, but he didn't have the first ones to the one that REALLY rang my bell, Crossed, so when he gives me a ring-a-ding-ding, I'll post about those, too, in case this strikes anyone's fancy. (Sum up: zombies are smart. It's an infection, they lick bullets and shoot people to infect them, that sort of thing. Smart Zombies? Can there be anything more frightening?? Also, it's more about the survivors than braaaaaaiiiiiins. Awesome.)

Yesterday I made a couple of iron ons (who doesn't like iron ons?!) and one of them may be the geekiest thing ever made. No, I'm not joking. I don't know if I'm incredibly proud of myself, or feeling a deep, paralyzing shame about it.

Hint: it's a play on a famous rebuttal in a famous sci-fi fantasy movie. And that's all the hint you get. *G*

And why I do not want to be aligned with geeks: the creepy baby robot that Japan made (STOP IT JAPAN. YOU'VE REACHED YOUR FREAK LIMIT.) now is trying to TEACH ITSELF HOW TO WALK. And it makes creepy baby noises. And flails like a baby. And it's teaching itself all of this. It's like the scientists WANT Terminator to come true!! If any company named CyberDyne starts up, I'm singlehandedly going in to dismantle it. Ditto on Weyland-Yutani. And if you got that reference, bonus points in your column.

Last, but not related, today is narrowing down which agents to submit my manuscript and to polish up my cover letter. Yeesh.
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