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Geek Knowledge and Sundries

1. I'm sad at how few people got the geek code yesterday, but grateful for those that did. And we shouldn't feel shame. We're awesome. hahahaha.


And if you don't get what that means, then you just don't know my loves, that's all, and we can never be truly happy together, woe. And of course, it's a joke because we all know that


2. I'm trying to write up a query letter for an agency today, an agency suggested by my film agent, who told me to "tell them I sent you." I'm trying to work that in and not sound like a jackass. It's harder than it seems.

3. It's going to be 80 degrees today and I am going to sit outside in my garden and read more of Y: The Last Man Standing, which is freaking fun and page-turning. (For those that asked, it's available now in graphic novel form with 5 issues/chapters per book, 60 issues/chapters in all.)

4. There are big changes afoot, I can just feel it. I'm kind of giddy with anticipation, it must be said. :)
Tags: nerd alert!, random statements, star wars
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