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Next CD is on it's way!

I hope you guys aren't getting pissed about the spam in your flist... I'm adding these to my memories, and have I mentioned I love my FLIST??? :-)

I got a flurry of CDs done yesterday and will not work on any today as I am nursing my cat. This is the cat we thought was going to have to be put down because of his GI cancer. And is beating it. He got hit by a car. AND WALKED HOME. AND JUMPED ON THE BED. AND CURLED UP AND SLEPT. He's 14. He's going to be fine, by the way. Not one broken bone, no internal injuries. He doesn't have much fur or muscle on his back legs, so he has these wonky bandages that keep him from walking properly, so His Royal Highness is getting hand-fed by me all day. (I'm really glad he's still with us. He's purdy and lovey and cuddley. He's the face rubber of all face rubbers.)

This is for smashsc who asked for "Still." I LOVE this one. Good timing.

My idea for "still" is lying prostrate. Why are you prostrate? Let's find out.

1. Transmission, Chlorophyll. This is an obscure band someone sent me on mp3 a few years back, and I've never heard of them again. The guy is sitting in a car in the rain, late at night, aching for love. He sounds a little stopped up (nasal) as if he's been crying. I love it.
2. Save Me, Aimee Mann. She's more than 'Til Tuesday. This is from the Magnolia soundtrack, and I think of people lying flat on beds or the floor, immobile with pain. Good times! But a great song.
3. One Cool Remove, Shawn Colvin. Her cover of this song is my favorite. One of my secret belt-out songs in the shower.
4. Blackbird, The Beatles. When my house was completely still and quiet in the small hours, and my baby boy wanted to be fed, I would cuddle him and sing this song while he nursed.
5. Mother's Pride, George Michaels. crazydiamondsue: you nailed it. I love him when he's quiet and mournful and jazzy, too.
6. Fragile, Sting. Lovely number with a sexy tantric (hmm) man and his guitar.
7. Fotzepolitic, Cocteau Twins. I REALLY love them. Mellow, calm, soothing. In the summer this is perfect poolside music with headphones. In cooler weather this is sitting in the snow with a blanket and a hot drink waiting for everyone to get off the lifts.
8. Set Adrift on Memories Bliss of You, P.M. Dawn. Hippie rappers? Trip hop? Ethereal rhymes? You decide. It's just bloody good music.
9. Friday's Dust, Doves. Again: OBOES!! STRINGS!! British rock can be gooood.
10. Comfortably Numb, Pink Floyd. So, WHY are you prostrate? You cannot do anything when this song is on but sit, your head resting in your hands.
11. Jesus, Etc., Wilco. Again: LOVE THEM. This is a good, sad and dreamy song off the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot album. Go get it.
12. Son of a Preacher Man, Dusty Springfield. Lord knows to my surprise: the only boy who could ever reach me, was the son of a preacher man. Why are you laying down? *wink*
13. Everybody's Trying, Poi Dog Pondering. 'Scuse me, but your hippie is showing... I bought this album at their show a few blocks away from my house on Earth Day, and I rode my bike to the show. Good times. You see about 30 people on stage with third world instruments, it's gotta be these guys.
14. Robin, Musicians of the Globe. Globe, as in Globe Theater? You expect to walk into the Midsummer Night's Dream set while listening to this. Lovely.
15. Cavatina from the Deer Hunter, Myers. This is one of the most beautiful classical guitar pieces I have ever heard, and that is saying something. I grew up listening to nothing but, and this still kills me. It was written specifically for the movie and is perfection with strings.
16. Miserere Mei, Deus (Ps. 51)Allegri. If you ever see a CD by the Dale Warland Singers, buy it. They are the best vocal group in the world. Have awards saying as much, if you don't believe me. Cool story about this song: Allegri wrote it in the 1600s for the papal choir of Urban VIII. It was performed every year during Holy Week, then hidden away under Vatican guard. There was a ban (subject to the person's death) for trying to duplicate it or copy it. Urban VIII died, and a few popes later, Mozart, all of 14, is traveling in Rome with his father, hears it, and transcribes it completely from memory. This is Psalm 51 in Latin. It is a prayer for mercy and redemption.
17. Us and Them, Pink Floyd. Had to have two of Floyd. Not much can mellow me like this song. Sat still on a chair next to Dave for the entire song waiting for him to kiss me. He never did. Dork. I shoulda taken the reins... But it's good I didn't.

Alrighty, amontillado and reremouse: I'm needing your mailing addresses to get yours out tomorrow!
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