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Things that are making me glad

1. Blood on the Highway now has a distributor!! This means YOU will be able to see it, should you so desire. It's through a subdivision of Time Warner, so it'll be available on VOD (video on demand) as well.
2. BotH is also going to a few more genre film festivals, notably the "Bram Stoker Festival" in London this October. Hee! They have a zombie walk to open the fest! Now, I ask you! *hands* Perfect.
3. My roses are already blooming and they smell LOVELY.
4. I bought some calla lilies and the flower is so deeply purple it's almost black. <3 Purpley black flowers are crack to me. (I'll add some pics to this post in a bit)
5. The newest HP6 trailer knocked my socks off. And I'm not even wearing socks. Exactly.
6. After reading about sdwolfpup's tire tragedy last night, I'm so very grateful to have a proper "star shaped" tire iron and that my former step-father (the good one - my mother was a serial bride) insisted that I practice changing my tires. I also rebuilt a car from the ground up, but that's neither here nor there, except for how totally boss that is. Dropped a 4.2 V12 with dual exhaust in that mother. Rally wheels? Hells to the yeah. That's not my car in the pic, but that's what it looked like except it was white with baby blue vinyl interior, totally chromed out. *pops 16 switches*
7. I will not be caught sun tanning nude today! \o/ Because I'm not going to do that, that's why. It's the little victories in life that I cling to.
8. Oh, and it's raining today. Good for my garden, murder on my tan. ;)
9. My homemade egg mcmuffin is making my tummy happy. Egg whites, sharp cheddar, whole wheat English muffin = GOOD MORNING.

It's Friday! Weekend! Sleeping in tomorrow! \o/
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