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Day 3 and 4 of P90X and a surprise surgery

Liquid egg whites from a carton are terrific. 1. they're being scrambled, 2. there are other ingredients being added, 3. at 6 am, I do not have the coordination to properly separate eggs. I can, however, pour from a container, no matter the mental state. [insert drunk joke here] :D

DAY 3 - ARMS AND CHEST + AB RIPPER (Yesterday's routine)

Funny how the squats from Day 2 weren't coming back to haunt me, but the shoulders and back stuff from Day 1 were. and that's why this plan works. See what muscles I'm working here? The ones that hurt, and that made them feel better. NICE. This morning I woke up with legs that, if they had hands, would have strangled me. Today (Day 4) is yoga. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

58 minutes of focused arm curls and presses to go in this order: bi, tri, delts, which sounds like a sorority joke. I will say that I need heavier weights, which makes me feel bad ass. (All those push ups did me some good after all!) I had 10 pounders, and I need to go up to 15s on some of these.

Highlights of the ones that totally kicked my butt:

Squat down (augh) or squat against the wall. When your arms hang down between your legs, your elbows should be resting at the inside base of your knee. Do curls, 12 - 15 minimum for lean muscle. Because my weights were small, I tried to be bad ass and do 20 each rep. It was the squat that killed me.

Hunker down like you're about to race. Hold weights in your hands (NOT big ones, he cautioned) in a bicep curl. Keep your back totally flat. Extend your arms down and back so your arms lock [that's 1] bring them back to your chest, rotate your hands the other way (if your palms were up, now they're down) and repeat [that's 2]. Everyone does 16 of these. Twice. THAT, my friends, gets rid of the Mom Arm.

Sit on the edge of your chair, perfect posture. Weights in your hands and bring your arms up at your sides straight. [That's 1] Think Pterodactyls. (Standard fly for you gym monkeys) Arm back down and lean forward 45 degrees, back PERFECTLY FLAT. Repeat arm motion. [That's 2] Back to position one and repeat for a set of 12-15 for minimum, those of you that want lean muscle. Bump up your weight and do less for bulky man muscles. I couldn't get past 10 either time. Absolute killer.

I normally do chair dips - before I started this, that is. Every 5 or so exercises we'd do chair dips. Totally different when your arms are already fatigued. Gah. I didn't hurt when it was all done, and I was a little frustrated that I didn't have heavier weights. I think I'll better benefit from this routine when I do it again next week. (There are 7 workouts, all mixed up with a list of how/when to do them, depending on where you are in the program, btw.)

AB RIPPER - done every other day after major workout

Again, I've done almost every one of these exercises in the past, but I've never done them after complete muscle fatigue from the other routines, plus not at this level of intensity.

Everything is on a mat. Collapse gratefully. Not so fast.... It starts with "In and Outs' one of my faves. Hands at your butt for stability, knees together, feet up. Push your feet out so they're parallel to the floor, bring them back in. In and out, you see. 25 times. Don't set your feet down on the mat.

Then you bicycle (which made me laugh at first, then I grunted in pain) like you're pedaling forward for a count of 25, then reverse directions for a count of 25.

The next is called a "crunchy frog" and this is my standard sit up. Keeping the same position as the in and outs, you let your torso rise and fall opposite your legs. Hold out your arms straight, do 25.

Lie on back, legs up and together, 25 crunches up with one hand behind your head, other arm reaching up to touch opposite leg. Can also do these with your legs in a V for a more difficult move.

Er, what else... The birthing move, har har. On your back, hands flat and at your sides, legs bent, feet on floor. Raise feet to the ceiling and drive your pelvis up, but NOT over your head, try and picture a rope your lower body is climbing. Straight straight straight. 25 of these.

One for liz_marcs, the Kayak twists. Sitting up tall clasp hands together and raise feet 6 inches off floor. Twist your torso as far left as you can and then as far right. Keep your feet in the same place - do not twist your lower half. The goal is to touch your knuckles to the floor each time.

Stretch by laying on your stomach and pushing your chest up with your hands on the mat, face looking straight ahead, hold and breathe. (This is the Cobra pose.) Then sit on your knees, lay on your thighs, hands stretching out on the mat in front of you as far as you can, breathe deep.

Ab-solute killer. Ba dum bum ching!


This is an hour and change long, the others are all pretty much 58 minutes (except for the Ab ripper, which is 16 minutes of pure hell.)

There's too much here to list, just know that it's constant, it's almost all on your hands or in a Warrior pose (those squats are not a distant memory) but the deep stretch REALLY loosens up those tight muscles and helps all of the micro-traumas. (I was feeling my forearms this morning from all of yesterday's curls. Ouch. I'm looking forward to my next massage in two weeks.)

Again, this is one of those times where I've never sweat so much, and I've done the hot room yoga stuff, I've done 60 miles in one weekend, and I live in Texas. Wow. Sports drinks are approved for this workout and the Plyometrics one, as well. Holy Electrolyte Loss, Batman.

Now that I'm sufficiently loosened up and ready to sleep, I'm off to the endodontist to have the teeny bit of root canal my original dentist didn't take out when I was 9 which caused last week's abscess a surprise root canal on the neighbor tooth, no gum/jaw surgery today, yay! I swear to god, that one accident has haunted me for years, sheesh. I'm just going to see if they can't rip all of my teeth out and screw in a bridge and let me be done with it. It'll fix the gap in my teeth, at least... Let's hear it for massive needle injection right under your nose, whoooo! THAT'S MY FAVORITE. (Hint: no, it isn't.)

I hope I get some gas this time. Dentists around here don't use that stuff any more, what gives? That was the best part!

Oh, and I'll share some more of the recommended recipes tomorrow. There's some good lunch and dinner recipes listed in my booklet. All with normal ingredients, woot!
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