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P90X Day 6 and sundries

I know I've been bad about replying to comments, I've read them all, I'm just running out of time. I have a nice long rainy day to look forward to this weekend, so I'll do my best. Don't get your feelings hurt, it's not you, it's me. :)

Yesterday I didn't get to do my workout (horrors!) because I went in to film what's called a "slate." It's me talking into the camera about something for 20-30 seconds so casting directors can hear me, see me move, etc. Good times.... At first you think, talking about myself? Until they get what they want? Awesome! Then you realize how boring you really are and you just feel dorky. Just me? Okay, then.

P90X Day Six - KEMPO

Remember how I said Plyometrics was my fave? It may have been muscled out of first place. Ditto on the "I've never sweat so much in my life" category, too. This one is a bit too complex for me to break it down bit by bit, but it's essentially kick boxing with self defense mixed in. I had no shortage of "targets" for my punching and kicking. Heh.

One of my favorites: Stand in a boxer's stance, one leg leading, fists held loosely and close to your torso. Visualize an attacker in front of you. Forcefully drive your hands up to their "collar," grab it and pull them to your knee, which you envision driving into their face. Release, step back. That's one. Do 15, then do 10 with a "yell" on "impact." And thank you for using "impact" correctly, Tony Horton. :)

There's jabbing, uppercuts, crossed, blocks, it gets very Mr. Miyagi there for a bit. There is no bad there. I loved all of the kicks, sideways, back... One thing I like about these programs - it's about perfecting your form, not necessarily getting the rep #. I know that eventually I'll get to where I can do every one of them as many times as they are, but there were times I had to hit pause because I felt like I wasn't do it right, etc. at one point I felt my heart rate was way too high, so I hit pause, "jump roped" in place for a bit to get it back down, and then picked back up where I started. It makes me feel like I'm doing it right, not just doing it.

I was doing all of the kicks in my bathroom (I have a big screen TV in my bedroom, I can see it from my master bath) because I wanted to see my form in my mirrors. It's very empowering to see muscles standing out where you're not used to seeing muscles. Like, those little stabilizer muscles that wrap around the outer part of your thigh? Ditto on the inside of your thigh? Bad ass. After ten minutes of jabbing and punching my arms were red - you can see the blood really moving in your body. BAD. ASS. it's only been a week, but I can already see some definition in my arms where there wasn't before.

My thighs have been puffy, but I know it's water weight because of all of the micro-traumas in the muscles from working out. Not to be gross, but I've also noticed in the past 24 hours an increase in bathroom visits, which makes me feel less puffy. I know the weight is going to come off, but more importantly, I know the muscles are getting stronger. COOL. (I've put on almost 4 pounds this week. I'm not worried.)

Later today I'm going to do what should be today's workout, the Recovery and Stretch routine. Awesome. I've got some fierce knots in my calves that need some deep stretching to get rid of.

Some of the punches/kicks

side kick get in "horse stance" which is a semi-squat, knees and toes facing forward, legs slightly bent, back straight and fists at your side a la Bruce Lee. Drag left heel to right arch, lean left and side kick (straight out) with the right. Do NOT hyper-extend, be in control of the motion both out and in. Go back to neutral. That's 1. Do 15, then do 10 with a yell and kick higher. Repeat on opposite side.

back kick get in fighter's stance (mentioned above like you're going to punch someone in a fight) have left foot forward, lean forward at the waist, turn, LOOK AT THE TARGET BEHIND YOU, and kick WITH YOUR HEEL straight back. be in control of the kick back and in. Do 15, then 10 with a yell and kick higher (leaning down more in front)

sword/hammer with side lunge DUDE. Medieval times! Hahahaha. Hands up, feet together, lunge sideways (think fencing) extending lead arm (if you're stepping left, lead arm is left) like you're stabbing someone through with a sword, make a fist, pop your hand down - called a Hammer Punch - in control of the muscles the whole time. 15 reps, then do other side. This feels AWESOME.

step drag/claw/low punch I love how everything feels like street fighting. Back to Fighter's Stance, lunge forward with left leg, extending left arm out in a claw, like you're going to grab someone's still-beating heart from their chest (my words, not theirs. But come on. Mine's better.) Jab with your right as if you're punching them in the gut. 15 reps, then 10 "doubles" which means both hands come out at the same time. Switch and do the other side.

front back knuckles/ball kick/back kick Get in Fighter's Stance, left leg leading. punch out BOTH arms as if you have an opponent directly in front and back of you. Kick forward straight out - being in total control of your leg in and out (decide where you're kicking. Groin? Gut? Face? I went for groin.) then kick behind you (leaning forward and looking back at your opponent) being in control in and out. 10 reps each side.

vertical punches BRUCE LEE IN THE HOUSE! Hahahaha. Squat into Horse Stance, fists at side. Alternate chest high vertical punches, getting faster with every 10. Do 100 of them. Each punch is 1. Tony lied to us and kept us going past 100 - we did 130. Arm. Killer. And totally awesome.

There were cardio breaks every 10-15 minutes where we'd jump rope, do jumping jacks, jog in place, leap in the air. It's all finished with some awesome deep stretches.

Later tonight I'll do the next workout. There are 12 in all, so we're half-way through my spam. :)

I was graciously given a Dreamwidth account, and while I originally said I wasn't going anywhere, I can see myself using that site and making this one friends only, or vice versa. That was I can have personal stuff locked down in one spot. I'm not sure how I'll work it out yet, but I'm pretty lazy, so... I'm "Stoney" over there, which is FANTASTIC. I wish the name squatter over here on LJ would dump his LJ that's not been updated since 2002... If you have an account, please comment with your username so I can add you on my list. :)

I have yellow roses popping open all over outside. Thank you, spring rains! Chilling outside after some hard work is going to be sweeeeeeet. Have wonderful weekends!
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