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P90X and bread making. I know, I'm all over the map lately.

Yesterday I did two workouts, one in the morning and one at night. I knew it would be okay to do so, because the second one was all stretching. I'll put it to you like this: I almost fell asleep on the last one, it was so damn relaxing and pleasant. Also, I had a glass of pinot grigio, hahahaha, because wine makes me stronger. :D Oh, I slept like a LOG last night, too. (After watching the BEST DOLLHOUSE EP YET. I love that show, whatever.)

One of the stretches that absolutely woke up muscles I didn't know were being used was the seated spinal stretch. Oh my god, that felt amazing.

Sit on the floor, pull your right heel into left buttock (like you're sitting on your ankle) and let the right knee drop to the floor. (Sit tall.) Place left foot on the floor on the right side of your knee - you should feel a bit like a pretzel. :) Now. Here's the stretching part: reach straight up with your right hand and place left hand on the floor behind you back by your tush. Twist your torso to the LEFT and drop your skyward right hand's elbow to the outside of your left thigh. On exhale twist further. Do this for 5 breaths. Switch to other side and repeat. Mmmmm, that's good.

The other one that feels great after a week of abuse is the glute stretch.

Lay on your back and pull leg in, place your right ankle on left thigh (your right knee will be pointing away from your body, see?) Reach your right arm on outside of your leg and your left arm through the hole between your legs. Clasp hands around left shin, lie back and pull left knee towards your shoulder. 5 breathes, trying to go deeper with each exhale. Repeat.

The key with this stretching is to breathe low and deeply, timing your movements with your inhales and exhales.

One of the better arm stretches is to get into Child's Pose and really stretch those arms out. Then without moving your body, walk your left hand to the left a bit, then place your right hand on top of your left hand. you should feel that aaaaaaaaall the way from your hips to your fingertips. :) Repeat with the right side, then go back to neutral.

P90X Day 8 - A Repeat of Day 1

Day 1 was Chest and Arms, so it was all the push ups and chin ups. I felt that I didn't have heavy enough weights (8 pounds) so I bought some 10s (I have 15s, but that's too much for good reps - not for long!) Much better performance this time, I had better form and control so that tells me I'm getting stronger. Plus, with heavier weights and I upped my reps? I'm feeling pretty bad ass. :) My arms have shrunk one inch, too, which is great because I was on the road to Mom Arms. You know what I'm talking about, I don't want mud flaps. Hahahaha. I want First Lady arms. <3

I was able to add 2 more reps to each of my chin-ups, too and move my "helper chair" (like a helper monkey, but without poo flinging) further away, making it more difficult. Using the chair is like a counter weight to your own body weight. I'm obviously not going to be able to pull up my body's weight first time out, so the chair cuts that down to 75% of my body's weight. The further away the chair, the less counter weight it provides.

Ab Ripper
I didn't do this on Day 1 because I'm a dummy and didn't see that I was supposed to. It's an absolute killer. They have people that are crazy ripped doing this vid and they're sweating and grunting and it's only 16 minutes long, so I cut down the reps I expected of myself from the required 25 to 20. On one of them, oblique sit ups (I'll explain below) I only eked out 10 on each side. They're crazy hard. I'll get there eventually.

Oblique Sit Ups lay on your side, cant back 30 degrees. Keep your feet together, and your floor-side arm flat against the floor and by your side. Free hand behind your head, and bring up your feet - do not separate them, do not bend your knees - and raise your torso. The goal is to smack your thigh with your elbow. Um, not yet, I can't. 25 each side. I did 10, and my knees were bent on the last two.

All of that water weight I've put on since starting this? To the tune of 4 pounds? Gone this morning. I won't go into detail, but my body is a processing machine. Healthy kidneys at my end. :)

The first three weeks are basically the same as week 1. Week 4 starts a new rotation to "confuse the muscles." That's evidently how you trick your muscles into being bad ass. I'll keep you posted, hahaha.

I didn't start my baking bonaza today like I'd planned because I couldn't find the bran and rye flour that I wanted. I'll hit the Whole Foods and get the high protein stuff that makes for chewier bread. I'm making this pumpernickel bread. That might be one of my all-time faves. This recipe has a crazy number of ingredients, but it's authentic Russian Black bread! Mmmmm. While I'm using all of that stuff, I'm going to try and bust out some proper NYC bagels, too. Those won't get baked off until tomorrow and I'm going to make mini-bagels so there's not so many calories in each one. Portion control from the get go, woot.

My sister and I are going out tonight for drinks and hilarity and I'm super excited. I've not had any fun since I got back from SXSW and I'm due, methinks. Okay, spamming over! :)
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