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P90X Recovery Week

Brief talk, because I've discussed the workouts before.

So the system works like this: 3 weeks of a series, focusing on form and reps each new time you do the day's routine. After that, you have a "Recovery" week, which doesn't mean sitting around. Day 1 of recovery week was the hour and a half yoga routine. I did something to my back by my shoulder blade yesterday (evidently getting out of the car? What?) so I wasn't sure if I would be able to do the whole routine. Not only did I do it, but I felt stronger and looser as a result. I'm glad I didn't bail on the plan. :)

The first week of yoga I couldn't do al of the poses. Not even close on some of them. Week two had me barely able to do some of the difficult ones, but I needed a yoga block to help me get there. Week 3 I could get my fingertips down and almost get the other hand on up the weird reverse stretches. (Like reverse half-moon, standing split, reverse triangle pose.) Recovery week had me with my hand flat on the ground on those. AWESOME. Crane still eludes me, but I know that one is very advanced. I can get all the way to my big toes resting on the floor, but that's it for me. My goal is to be able to do it by the end. I've discovered that the balance poses are my favorites.

I'm being good about what I eat (I don't normally eat junk) and I've almost completely cut out any alcohol, more's the pity. :) It's not like I was a lush, but a glass of wine with dinner wasn't unheard of. Now I save it for night 6 of the week's workout so I don't kill my metabolism. I'm feeling so much stronger than I did when I started this, and I bought a pair of shorts with a two inch inseam and don't feel embarrassed. Aw, yeah. (The hideous shorts I wore in Blood on the Highway had a one inch inseam, and I felt hideous. But then, that was 6 dress sizes ago. \o/ I love feeling strong again. I can crush walnuts with my thighs. Ahahaha. No, I can't.

I'm so chilled out and relaxed that I could take a nap. But... I have to go grocery shopping. And stare longingly at the samples of cinnamon buns.
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