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Randomosity + P90X (under a cut) + Garden Pics (2)

I was an extra in a commercial this morning for... I thought it was an electric company, but I think it was actually for phones. It doesn't matter, I only walk away from the camera, but! I walk away from the camera with my interracial boyfriend. :D My "boyfriend" was this great Asian guy and we laughed about how I always play the "fat friend" type and he's always the generic "brown man." Through joking around, I said something like, "I'm going to use my Kenpo skills to knock over that planter and get some face time on camera." Kenpo was the key word: he's also doing P90X. :D We talked about all of that bidness, then we moved back to the interracial couple stuff as off in the distance there was a black man/white woman couple, and we joked about the two mis-matched guys paired up being a gay couple, one who works the "legit" job and the other tends bar.

He was lamenting the lack of Asians in media, and we both said at the same time, "Thank god for Boomer." :D It's so cool when you meet another sci-fi/BSG fan in a random way.

Recovery Week, Day 2

This is a new workout thrown in, and it's all core. I thought, I should be fairly good at this. NUH UH. First of all, I had to stop and move to my living room - you need space for this one. The other workouts I've done comfortably in my bedroom. (My chin up bar is over the doorway to the master bath.)

One of the fun workouts: banana roll: (you need space) lay perpendicular on your mat so your torso is on it. Raise your legs, toes pointed and legs straight about a foot off the floor, then raise your upper half, arms in a straight line up and back. (Just your butt is on the mat) Count to five. Now, roll (without using your arms, etc., just your core muscles) to your side, arms and legs still out and up. Count to five. Roll to your back, legs up off the floor, arms up and over your head and only your belly should be on the mat. count to five. Roll to your other side, repeat.

Then, roll back the way you came, counting five breaths on each side. Do two more times. It's not as easy as it seems, trust me.

bow/boat Same position on your butt, legs up off the floor and straight, but your arms are pointing up like your toes are. Count to ten, then roll to your stomach, reach back and grab your ankles (using your legs to pull your upper body up) and count to ten. Roll over and repeat 9 more times.

Fast run squats Holy crap, don't use the big weights here. Smallest weights you have. Squat down like you're going to take off running (not Olympic speed runner, but cross country). Pump your arms fast fast fast with the weights in your hands like you're flying down the track. Switch legs after thirty seconds. (So the right would be out in your stance, instead of your left.) You use your belly muscles to hold your torso in position as you pump your arms.

Oy. It will definitely take one or two more run-throughs before I feel like I have it, but that's the whole point of the program: as soon as you get used to something, they have you do something new. Muscle confusion = toned muscles.

Today is Kenpo, which I love and have already talked about. I'm also going to start my walks back up in the morning, because I want the extra workout. 7 miles at 9mph + P90X = SUPERHERO. *g*

Sunny, blue skies, no clouds, I'mma wash my face off and get the commercial make up off, then go sit outside with a book for a bit. I have high hopes for today.

[ETA] I forgot to add these two pics, one is of all the rosemary I pruned off of my big shrub. I don't like wasting it, but I have all the dried culinary rosemary a girl could want, and none of my neighbors want any, either. =p I got the brilliant idea of making my own essential oil (and maybe rosemary mint shampoo - hippie alert!) and stuck all of the branches to dry on a conical planter I'm not using. I think it looks kind of cool. :) The second pic is of the first lily bloom on the 4ft plant. I stood on my tip toes and pointed down to get the shot. Should be loads more bursting open today and this week. <3

(I left the rocking chair in for scale.)

NOW. Happy Monday!
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