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minor P90X talk, GIP, and the all important Wine + Book Talk

P90X - Recovery Week (4) Day 4
Yoga! Mmmm, I'm happy with this routine, it's a butt kicker, but I feel a thousand times more strong and flexible now. An hour and a half routine that leaves you loosey goosey at the end. I tried to get cute last night and do an extra workout of the Core Synergystics (day 3) and oh my god. Some of those are just absolutely brutal when you don't take time off in between.

Prison Bar Push Ups: do a standard push up, bring the left knee in fast, put it back, bring the right knee in fast, put it back and do another push up, jump to your feet, stand, drop back down. That's ONE. Try and do 20. *cough* I eeked out 8.

Plank/Chadarunga Run Get in plank mode (pre-push up stance for those not into yoga) without raising your butt (that's the hard part) run without moving your arms. We used to call those cherry pickers when I was in school, and who knows why, because I don't. Do that for 30 seconds, THEN, drop down to about one or two inches above the floor in push-up mode, and keep running, without raising your butt. GOOD. LORD. I just could not do the second half with any quality.

Emily came in and did this with me, which was fun, if not distracting. It wasn't my day's planned workout, so I didn't mind.

I had an audition this morning for a print ad, and met another mom about my age, with kids about my kids' ages, too. She was sassy and funny, and I can't stress how HARD it is to talk to other actors when you're auditioning. They're competition, so you ignore them. (I mean, I don't, because I have no ego about this, but they do.) We swapped numbers and FB handles and that felt great to meet someone FUN.

I simply CANNOT find Clayhouse's Petite Syrah anywhere. I think - because it was such a small bottling - they only sent it out to restaurants to build up a clientèle. I'll be buying several bottles of the next vintage, that's for sure. It was outstanding. And because of your recommendations, I picked up their Adobe Red (2 bottles, actually) and look forward to a glass or two tonight. I'm about to finish off a glass of from a bottle that's been opened a leeetle too long [eta] nope, still good! Peter Lehman of the Barossa - Clancy's 2005 Shiraz, btw - and sit on my patio with books. YAY books! I ordered some hard copies (I'm sorry, Kindle!) because I promised to share with others, and no one is getting their mitts on my Kindle. :)

Books: A People's History of the United States, vols. 1 & 2 (thank you for the rec, liz_marcs!) and some to remind me of stuff, The Mormon Conspiracy, The Mormon Murders (I know, it's a theme, sorry I know some of these people!) and God's Brothel, which is about Christian-based faith (and LDS) polygamy that goes undercover in the US. I have my SPF 50, tank and shorts, and a book. It's 76 degrees with a gentle breeze and blue blue blue skies. BLISS.

[ETA] I forgot to mention that I have two Dreamwidth invite codes (I feel so cool!) and the first two people to ask for them get them! Gone!! Also, is everyone posting over there, now? I need to get my site up, huh? I'm trying to figure out what I would do there and what would stay here...
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