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Everybody was Kung Fu fighting! HUH! Everybody was fast as lightning! HA!

You know what song I wish wasn't in my head, but is? Catch a falling star. See what I did there? That is what we call a psyche out. I'm a little slap-happy from being stressed and busy and having TWO [count 'em] workouts today. I slacked off on my reporting about P90X, so I'm picking that back up the reporting, not the workouts because I've been a good girl.

After the 4th week, which was all "recovery" work [yoga X, core synergistics, kenpo, x stretch, core synergistics again, yoga again, rest or stretch X, and I do the stretch x on day 7 because it feels goooooood.] you move on to Phase Two, which last for three more weeks.

Here's the schedule:
1. Chest, Shoulders & Triceps then do Ab Ripper X (this is a new workout)
2. Plyometrics (the one with all the jumping, squats, and sweaty pain)
3. Back & Biceps then do Ab Ripper X (this is a new workout)
4. Yoga X
5. Legs & Back, then do Ab Ripper X
6. Kenpo X
7. Rest or Stretch X, and I always do the stretch because it makes you feel so loose and relaxed. Esp. if you drink a glass of pinot grigio during the last half and then sit in a bath tub right after. Ahhhhhhhhh.

First week is getting used to it, second week is improving your performance/upping your reps, third week is mastery where you really push yourself. I'm currently in the second week of Phase 2, or week 6. There is a TOTAL difference in my body's shape, my strength and my energy. My arms are shaped and toned and I leave my chin up bar all week and every time I walk through my room to my bathroom, I jump up and do a chin-up. BECAUSE I CAN. It's the most awesome thing every to be able to do something you've never been able to do (without a chair, or someone pushing you, etc. Ha ha, I was such a girl in school...)

I did have to take three days off during the recovery week from having the flu - I tried to keep to the schedule and it just laid me low, so no workouts for three days, then picked up where I left off.

Chest, Shoulders & Triceps

Holy moly, does this one wear you out. You'll feel like a fighter that's had his arms punched for five rounds when you're done. Weights and push ups for almost an hour. The first week I had to go back to my light weights, the 8 lbs. (I had been using 10s and 15s) When I'm feeling strong, I use the 10s. I hope that by next week I can get higher reps with the 10s. Some of the exercises:

slow motion push ups Count out 1-2-3-4 as you lower yourself in a wide-stance push up, (like, 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, etc.) then repeat as you push back to start position. Do four more like that with your arms closer together, then four more in a military stance (the hardest form.) If you can do more, do more. Ahahahaha, I can do EXACTLY that amount, and no more. Yow. That's the FIRST exercise, right out of the gate, too.
side-tri rise I'm really trying to lose that Mom Flap, so I push myself on the tricep exercises. Lay on your right side. Grab your left shoulder with your right hand, put your left hand at your armpit. Push up for one with your arm as straight as it can get, down. Max reps, then do your left side with your right arm pushing.
floor fly OH. MY. GOD. Military push-up in the beginning (arms right under shoulders, elbows hug your sides as you go down) and as you push up, move your right hand further right a foot or so. Down, back up to center, down, left arm further left a foot or so and down, then back to center. Repeat until you cry or your arms give out, whichever comes first.
side-leaning tricep extension Love these. Sit on the corner of a chair to the right, wrap your right arm over the back of the chair to keep it out of the way. Raise your left hand with a comfortable weight and drop your hand behind your head, keeping your elbow pointing up, raise while also keeping your elbow immobile. That's one. Max reps, then repeat on other side. This one TOTALLY targets the Mom Flap.

There are one armed push ups, wide hand and feet push ups where you jump to the right when you come up, go back to center, jump to the left and go down... Gah. Presses, flys, front rows, push ups where you clap your hands as you come up, and mommy, I don't want to do anymore. Except for how I feel totally awesome for busting out all of those push ups. --O-- That's me trying to raise my arms in victory, hahaha.

Back & Biceps and this will give you Linda Hamilton/terminator 2 arms, which is my goal.

You've got wide front pull ups, a towel pull up (wrap a towel over one side, grab the other side - you're hanging at an angle - and pull up, max reps, both hands) switch grip pull ups, regular chin ups, max rep on your worst type pull ups and then the mother of all pull ups (which I do for that max rep of your worst)

corn cob pull up Holy Mary, mother of Thomas, a boy on my street. Okay. Pull up, then WHILE STILL HANGING, shift your chin over your left hand, shift your chin over your right hand, back to center and LEAN BACK, then down. THAT IS ONE. I managed to do 8 for that, then 8 for the max rep one, and then I wanted to never lift my arms again.

There are all manner of curls, too. This totally focuses everything on your back (bra-fat area) muscles and your biceps, the "money muscle" he calls it. Personally, I wish he'd focus on hips like he does on arms so we ladies could really pin point our money muscle, har har.

Total killer, these two. As Tony says, "I hate 'em. But I love 'em." Oh, and after these two workouts you have the Ab Ripper series, which I can finally get all the way through without having to take a few seconds' break. I'm looking forward to going to the pool this year.

The kids are out of school today, so we're going to make ice cream floats and watch The Muppet Movie (I want to go as Janice for Halloween this year, fer shure) and maybe hit the pool, then some Neverending Story to round out the night. Throw in a teen rom-com and it would be the best night ever, because I'm still 14, mentally.

It is so beautiful outside - we've had excellent weather, not too hot, gentle breezes, rain in the morning and then clear skies and sun the rest of the day, and my garden is groaning, it's so lush. I've taken some more pictures and I also took some video of Darthanne my serial-killer kitty being attacked by mockingbirds. Those little buggers are so aggressive! I love watching them walk and do semaphore with their wings to tell the other birds The Great Darkness is inside taking a nap. Smart little punks, mockingbirds...

I'll put all of that stuff up, but not today, today I lounge and relax with my babies. <3
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