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Can all my Mondays be like this, please?

Horrible weekend, HORRIBLE. (Not all, but the bad things were so bad they over shadowed everything else.)

This morning I wake up, antsy for the arrival of the BFF for an overnight visit while she travels the country, and I find the following email (summed up:)

"Dear Stoney,

Remember how we're the awesome agency you want repping you and we asked for your proposal to be sent to a certain agent's home address so she could cosy up on her sofa with it? She wants you to send her your entire book ASAP, and she wants you to re-write your proposal in our specific format, which all BODES WELL FOR YOU, because we're already thinking of marketing. We used the word "delighted" at one point at which you will pause and make dolphin noises. Now quit preening and get to work, nothing's set in stone.

Love, Awesome Agency"

And my coffee is now ready, and there's a breeze on my patio, and I'm going to sit in the sun and drink my brew and feel positive. YAY.

and I totally saw that email in my inbox and assumed it was a "Tchuch, QUIT TRYING TO WRITE, LOSER" and walked away for a moment. SO GLAD IT DIDN'T SAY THAT. Again: YAY.
Tags: oh my heck!, stoney doesn't suck
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