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Ahahahaha. I love funny people

I don't watch Real Housewives of Tackyville, USA, but I'm familiah. (I'm gonna use Jersey speak, a'ight?) So what I'm trying to say, no offense, is that these people are hoo-ahs with theyah towk about bubbies and cashmoney [counts: one one hundred, two one hundred, three one hundred...] "Cashmoney" as one word is officially my most favorite thing evah, whah, you got sumthin bettah?

Okay, I'll stop that. THIS has made me laugh endlessly. Esp. that they are referring to one of the women on the show as Strega Nona. I may have laid my head down, laughing.

...I'm going to have to start watching this show for the material, aren't I? They ARE fake names in the article, right? They've not named their kids Britannica and Caruso and Garbanzo? LOL.

In unrelated news, it looks as though my car is being used for the Mr.'s vacation with the kids, so I'll be having a stay-cation as his vehicle is a monster truck, and I can't stand driving it for anything. Oh well, home is where the booze is. <-- I may need to cross stitch a sampler with that saying, it's so sweet.
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