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This post is brought to you by half a bottle of fabulous 15 year old Bordeaux

Yes, that means everyone is gone for their vacation and Mama's all by herself living it up.

So I'm watching on Bravo the astounding train wreck that is The Really Awful Housewives of Nouveau Riche-land, boggling over the money wasted on absolute crap, right? And there's a commercial for the GREATEST SHOW MAYBE EVER.

thebratqueen?? PAY ATTENTION: NYC PREP. It's like Gossip Girl, but REAL. Er. Realer.

Boarding school fixation? Check. People who have no clue as to what life is? Check. Sleaze and Intrigue? Check. They throw Vincent Kartheiser look-alikes in there and I'll claim it to be the greatest show ever put on celluloid. (Esp. if one of the boys also looks like Peter from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. I'm just saying.) STUPID RICH KIDS WHO THINK THAT WHAT LABELS YOU WEAR IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING EVER. *cough* Meanwhile, back in Mombai... Little Hadji climbs out of a mudhole to try and find food for his dying three-year old sister. WHO CARES, ALEXIS WORE LAST SEASON'S BALL GOWN TO DINNER, WHAT.

In conclusion, if I could get a job where I watched that stuff, made jokes publicly, and drank booze, that would be the best job ever. In a nutshell, I'm saying I want to be a lazy drag queen. :D
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